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Zaros Updates [5/2/2021]


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We've got another batch of updates today. As usual, please let us know what you think of these changes below! 😁


Wilderness keys

  • Ironmen can now do wilderness keys, the reward is 15 slayer points.
  • You can only own one wilderness key at once from now on. Monsters will not drop another key if you already have one.



  • Chambers of Xeric
    • If you logout inside a raid, the game will now try to add you back to it if it's still available when you login. If you were the last player in the party when you disconnected, the raid will be kept alive for 10 minutes before permanently disbanding. Warning! Logging out inside Olm's chamber will count as a death and you will lose points.
    • Unique droprate increased. Every 5600 points now convert into 1% chance (8675 per 1% on OSRS).
    • Items stored in private storage units will now stack.
    • After defeating Olm, you will now be able to go back through the mystical barrier.
    • Vasa Nistirio
      • ...is now immune to freezes... Look at those legs, someone definitely hasn't skipped leg day!
      • The special attack will now cancel if Vasa dies before the channel completes.
  • Theatre of Blood
    • Increased droprate for uniques/purples to 1 / 5.0
    • Capes bought from the mysterious stranger will now register in the collection log.
    • Boss health bars should no longer read 0.0% if they have even the slightest bit of health remaining.
    • Players should no longer have issues killing Verzik on P1 when she is extremely low health.
    • Bloat will no longer drop hands and feet on the same tile back to back.
    • Scythe has received a buff! The average of all three hits should now consistently hit higher. Accuracy is unchanged.
  • Wintertodt
    • Bruma torches can now be used to light braziers
  • Barrows
    • Brothers are no longer classified as "undead" and salve amulet will not have any effects when attacking them.



  • Nightmare
    • The correct killcount will now display in the collection log interface.
    • The parasites now burst out much faster.
  • Tournament
    • The dragonfire shield now gives the full defence bonuses (as if it was fully charged).
    • Teleporting out from a tournament will now correctly deactivate prayers that were temporarily unlocked for the player.
  • Demonic gorillas
    • The next attack will now be delayed after the gorilla switches prayer.
  • Some monsters will no longer retreat as easily, including revs and basilisk knights.
  • Corrected lower level ogre combat animations.
  • Lizardman Shaman Temple instances have been added to instance tokens.
  • You can now properly attack monsters except wyrms in the Karuulm dungeon with a cannon.



  • Agility
    • Fixed a few broken railing shortcuts, most importantly the ogre one in Ardougnes training camp.
    • Summer pies now correctly restore 10% run energy.
  • Crafting
    • The molten glass making message can now be filtered.
    • Crossbows (u) can now be strung.
  • Fishing
    • Lumbridge swamp
      • The fishing net found on the ground can now be picked up.
      • Removed an unreachable fishing spot spawn.
    • Lava eels can now be caught in Taverley dungeon and the wilderness maze.
  • Herblore
    • You can now make your own Guthix rests! Boil some water (use a bowl with water on a range), add it to an empty cup and then add two guams, one marrentill and one harralander.
    • The herb sack will now store herbs even if the player's inventory is full when attempting to pick them up (assuming the herb sack is open).
  • Hunter
    • Chinchompa pets now register in the collection log.
    • Corrected Herbiboar exp rates.
  • Magic
    • The heal-other spell no longer damages the player for excessive healing on the other player.
  • Mining
    • You can now get crystal shards from mining in trahaern (in Prifddinas) mine at a rate of 1/127
  • Runecrafting - Daeyalt Essence
    • Added the daeyalt essence mine. Players can get here through the staircase in Darkmeyer or through the teleporter in the skilling category.
    • The minable daeyalt rock will change between the three available locations every 60 seconds.
    • Daeyalt shards can be exchanged for essence by Noranna within the mine.
    • Daeyalt essence gives a +50% multiplicative experience boost when used in place of pure essence.
    • Rune guardians pets now register in the collection log.
  • Slayer
    • You can now access Cerberus on a Konar taverley hellhounds task.
    • Slayer helms will no longer give combat-bonuses when killing task monsters in wrong places.
    • The slayer ring now highlights wilderness teleports a bit better.
    • Buffed unique drop rate of superior slayer monsters by about 30%.
  • Smithing
    • The silver jewelry making interface will now open when clicking on a furnace with silver bars in the inventory.
  • Woodcutting
    • Fixed some broken trees in Prifddinas.
    • You can now get crystal shards from woodcutting in Prifddinas at a rate of 1/80



  • The black salamander now has the correct magic maxhit.
  • You can now use right-click "Fill" and "Empty" options on runecrafting pouches whilst your bank is open.
  • You can now use the "Empty" option on rune pouches whilst your bank is open.
  • Fixed ring of suffering (i) not being tradeable after manually uncharging the ring.
  • Fixed certain items with the (l) suffix from trouver parchments not having the proper set effect bonuses such as void and imbued god capes.
  • The rune thrownaxe special attack can now properly be used to target all three door-supports in the waterbirth dungeon.
  • Corrected tick delay when eating pies.
  • Teleport scrolls can now be directly used on master scroll books in order to deposit them.


Other changes

  • The bank chest at castle wars and in the essence mines can now be used to swap banknotes and platinum tokens.
  • Pets received from gambling (Fight caves / Inferno) now correctly register in the collection log and count towards achievements.
  • Changing attack styles or toggling special attack while teleporting now works correctly.
  • The hard clue scroll "Laugh in Jokul's tent" will now trigger when laughing anywhere in the tent.
  • Added "Rimmington" to the cities category in the teleporter.
  • Added preset and collection-box options to the crafting guild and sand crab bank chests.
  • A toggle has been added to the drop table viewer interface allowing you to hide the "Rare Drop Rable" items from cluttering the view. If disabled, the RDT will only show as one item within the table.
  • Faction items will now properly protect players in the wilderness godwars dungeon.
  • The bounty hunter teleport spell will no longer put you directly on top of your target every time and will instead send you to a location within an 8x8 area (hotfixed).
  • Added/fixed sounds for eagle eye, chivalry, piety, and augury prayers.
  • Gargoyle kills can no longer be finished by poison, venom, or recoil damage.
  • Game mode icons will now properly show in clan chat and private messages.
  • The slayer bonus in the equipment tab will now show correctly when having an autocast spell or wielding a magic based weapon.
  • Fixed issues with curing poison/venom from the hitpoints orb.
  • Fixed a visual error in the donator requirement prompt for crabclaw island.
  • Kills (top 3 damagers) against Galvek will now properly count towards the achievement for defeating 3 wilderness bosses.
  • If your game mode is realism, you can now downgrade to the regular game mode by speaking to "Realist" next to the ironman manager (note: he will only be there if you have the realism game mode).
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  • owner logoSpooky changed the title to Zaros Updates [5/2/2021]

Good update and fixes! Keep up the good work! 🙂

Altough I'm kinda bummed since Slayex had so many good suggestions and I would love to see some of those being implemented.
1 of my favourite suggestions is to add crystal weapon seeds drops for ironman via wildy keys, or any other way except using gauntlet/LMS.

Anyway, great update and thanks to everyone who worked on this!

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Not complete answer

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Feel free to PM! 🙂 

Interested in my music? Latest work in progress here!



Happy Grinding Scapers!

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  • Andreas featured and pinned this topic

Nice updates, good job.


Well I do have one minor complaint though, 

Raids 1 and 2 received so many buffs, which I dont mind, but I do wonder why The Nightmare is not in the conversation to receive a buff aswell.

It`s one of the biggest grinds ever with an average of 1800kc needed for completion, and thats only solos counted (averaging 10 minutes killtimes). Keep in mind that in teams your chances of receiving items in your name reduce drastically. For example in a 5 man team it takes an average of 9000kc to complete the nightmare in your name. So if you are an ironman its gonna be a rough grind, even if u solo all your killcounts.

And last but not least, you litterally waste more money on supplies than you get as a normal drop besides uniques. 

I understand it`s the same grind as osrs which is fair, but seeing so many raids buffs on here, it would only be reasonable to buff The Nightmare a bit aswell.






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