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Zaros Updates [5/2/2021]


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Good update and fixes! Keep up the good work! 🙂

Altough I'm kinda bummed since Slayex had so many good suggestions and I would love to see some of those being implemented.
1 of my favourite suggestions is to add crystal weapon seeds drops for ironman via wildy keys, or any other way except using gauntlet/LMS.

Anyway, great update and thanks to everyone who worked on this!

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Happy Grinding Scapers!

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Nice updates, good job.


Well I do have one minor complaint though, 

Raids 1 and 2 received so many buffs, which I dont mind, but I do wonder why The Nightmare is not in the conversation to receive a buff aswell.

It`s one of the biggest grinds ever with an average of 1800kc needed for completion, and thats only solos counted (averaging 10 minutes killtimes). Keep in mind that in teams your chances of receiving items in your name reduce drastically. For example in a 5 man team it takes an average of 9000kc to complete the nightmare in your name. So if you are an ironman its gonna be a rough grind, even if u solo all your killcounts.

And last but not least, you litterally waste more money on supplies than you get as a normal drop besides uniques. 

I understand it`s the same grind as osrs which is fair, but seeing so many raids buffs on here, it would only be reasonable to buff The Nightmare a bit aswell.






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