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hello, earlier  i was at arma and i dced  or the client froze, i closed the client  relaunched it and tried to log in. i failed to log in do to the client freezing every time i  tried to log in.  restarted my computer, still got the frozen client every time i try to log in to my main account "feaster" client freezes at the same point every time "connecting to server" i can log on to my alt account "1def feaster" perfectly fine though which s very odd, i was told by a mod try and take off the gpu pluggin and i did, i got one step further i got "loading please wait" at the top left of my client but then the client freezes again ive done this  multiple times will no avail. help would be very appreciated thank you. if more  info is needed   i can provide more via ingame @ "1def feaster" or on discord spacer.png

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