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Money Making Guide - My Perspective.


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Okay ladies and gents, I bring you my perspective on how I would begin my journey to the high end items.

I will be approaching this guide as if you were a new players, of course if you have already started playing you can still follow this guide, just skip to appropriate step to you, you can always go back on the guide and do the earlier methods also. 

Thieving - Start at level 1 pickpocketing men in Lumbridge.


Head over to stalls, at level 5 starting with cakes and working you're way up to lvl 38 for master farmers.


You can set NPC indicators so that the master farmer is highlighted for you, note this is just quality of life.


So when starting at master farmers, you will want to aim for a rogue set, when you have obtained this you will make x2 the money you normally would without it


Rogue set will give you x2 seeds from Master farmers, this set is gained from a random chance when you thieve, one piece at a time.

Now we will break down a test run of mine.


150 Master Farmers 

2 Torstol, 8 ranaar, 2 snapdragon, 6 kwuarm and 6 irit, nothing too noteable.



With the snapdragons not really being worth as much as the torstols I value this at around 350k for the 150, this method is rng dependent it is very stable but sometimes you'll get more ranaars than torstols and vice versa.


The next thieving method I will be looking at is rogue safes.


With a 50 thieving requirement this is a good method for donators (Super donators have a chance to recieve gem bags when thieving here)

So after around 60 seconds I received my first gem bag, after 23 pickpockets/wall cracks.


Rubies sell for aprox 3k (6x 3 = 18k)

Diamonds 7k (4 x 7 = 28k)

Sapphire's 1k. (22 x 1 22k)

Emerald 2.5k (8 x 2.5 = 20k)

88K from the gems + 45k from pickpocketing cash.

Leaving us around 133k per minute if you average a gem bag per 60 seconds, leaving this at around 5-8m gp phr if the gems sell and you're super donator+

Farm Runs

I will be using my maxed account for this example to show what you can earn at the peak of you're equipment using ultra compost/max yield bonus.


This part of the guide I will use a herb run of what I got planted, but the main method is to be planting torstols, using the seeds you thieved earlier or buying them from the pos.


You will be wanting to aim for this.

Patch 1, 13 herbs.


Using the explorer ring makes this very quick and effective, explorer rings require a certain % of achievements to be completed.


Ring 1 Is around 35-36 achievements off the top of my head, It won't let me check as I have surpassed this number.


Ring 2- 30%


Tree teleports and Mushrooms along with an extra herb teleport to stronghold and calquat patch in Tai Bwo Wannai.

Ring 3 45%

Unlocks Fruit Tree Teleports.


Ring 4 60%

Lastly this unlocks unknown.png


Moving on with the farm run after covering rings, 

7 Patches a total of 83 'Torstols' Even know I have done a dwarf weed run here I would usually average around 120 herbs a run.

At current prices a torstol is 7k making this herb run a loss technically but I would plant a different seed before doing this, checking the price of that herb and seed for example toadflax being 7k a herb and the seeds selling for 16-17k ea currently, making these worth thieving and selling the herbs, alternatively you could make you're own potions with these.


Alternate Accounts.

Killing certain creatures for valuable loot, for example gargoyles, very afk and profitable. 


This is loot from 1000 gargoyles uploaded by another member of 'Irons Clan' 

Valuing this loot at around 17-19k a kill.

Smithing Cannon Balls.

Technically this should only be done on an alternate account with a super donator rank for best profit

Taking our ammo mould and 27 steel bars.


Receiving 8 cannon balls a steel bar, and a chance of saving a steel bar with donator perk


We recieved a total of 240 cannon balls on a good run, the least you will recieve is 218.

Total cost being 108k, with a cannon ball selling for unknown.png

You can expect around 36k profit per inventory, very afkable taking around 60 seconds.

This is a solid 2m phr 100% afk method.


Fight Caves.

Using the teleport menu, go to minigames - Fight caves, use you're best melee or range gear and defeat the 1 wave jad.

I will be using my gear I have obtained on my Ironman but you can use minimal gear like msb black d'hides.




Pray Range/Mage appropriate to his attack, stomp is range when he looks up it's mage.

I can make a YouTube tutorial if this is needed/ Optional to chin the healers when they spawn half hp.

unknown.pngunknown.pngSell the cape, unknown.png

Sell the cape for 8000 tokkul giving you 16k for the run taking 2-3 mins.

Leaving you with a few options,


19 Runs per onyx fury's being around 3.3m right now, if a cape takes 2 mins this can be around 4.5m Phr or alternatively you could buy from here.


Obsidian pieces being around 1m per piece currently.

Next Step would be Clue Scrolls.


Starting out, How would I obtain my clue scrolls? for best results kill vorkath 50 times, pay 10m to enter rune dragons and kill these for a 1/17


My Personal log 

With doing this, you have a decent chance of obtaining dragon limbs


I have received 5 in around 800kc and used to sell them for 15-18m a dragon crossbow, they now sell for 9m each but this is still a worth while afk method to obtaining your clues.





Once I have done this I would move onto slayer, from here I would ask if people would like a series of me covering these steps in a video

and moving onto slayer and making this money making guide into a video series.

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For elites, barrows has a pretty high drop rate, and is much more accessible for newer players than rune dragons. While pretty afk with a dhl, can be harder to kill without proper gear. I agree that rune dragons are some really good money though! Great guide!

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A really nice guide there, but for me, I find that Nechryaels are a great consistent money making method. Usually, you make around 3-4M gp an hour or maybe around 30 - 40M gp a day of killing Nechryaels. Also, the $ from Nechryaels are usually from alchable items and coins so you get an instant $ and you don't have to wait for people to buy your items that you sell.

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Love the guide, its old but would love refreshing it on the forums via a comment to encourage people to click, i have been asked and have asked others on moneymaking tips on several servers and although this one involves it, its not a short winded responce that so many players will give to new players being ''thieving'' 

i love the diversity and alternative methods, and speaking of alternative methods the topic of bring up alternative accounts is a very good thing to mention. I would love to see more ''money making guides'' in the future for the community to test out and find out what exactly they enjoy, and perhaps some ironman friendly, ideas, places to camp for solid gp and what not. 

Thank you for posting this, weather it was long ago or not, felt like it should be something showing on the forums page as a recently visited post, for others to click and perhaps renew the moneymaking guides section of the forums. 


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