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Ultimate Ironman Guide


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By UIM Exp


Since there doesn't seem to be any guides for UIMs out there atm, I've decided to give creating my own a go.

I've broken this guide down into a few key categories for anyone interested in trying the gamemode or for anyone just looking for some potentially helpful tips and tricks.


Getting Started

First things first, lets have a look at the gamemode and its restrictions:

Ultimate Ironman has a base XP rate of 20x. This is for Combat and Skilling, as well as post 99s.


  • Cannot access banks
  • Cannot access Trading Post
  • Cannot trade other players
  • Cannot use another players POH

What you can do:

  • Use items on a bank to swap between its noted and unnoted form
  • Access the Ironman Store



With all these restrictions on a Ultimate Ironman, planning ahead of time is a key skill in order to avoid constantly having a full inventory. As space is one of the most important assets a UIM has, taking advantage of this will really set you off in the right direction. With this in mind it is highly recommend to prioritise training skills that require a lot of inventory space in order to be more efficent. However bare in mind skills such as Fishing for example may be better left till later as you don't want to have a inventory slot permanently taken up by food you won't need till much later on. The Ironman store gives you access to a permanent supply of Salmon which should be enough for early game food and the Warriors guild supplying Potatoes with Cheese for mid game.

Alongside this, Wilderness related tasks may be better to get done early while you have minimal risk, especially if you plan on getting the achievements done as doing this later with a lot more risk can be very stressful.

Skilling is usually your first priority when starting out as once you begin training combat and slayer, your available inventory slots will rapidly diminish.

Getting yourself a looting bag should be a high priority once you find yourself needing to hold onto items for other skills, bossing etc in order to maintain as much free inventory space as possible. As UIM is so restricted, it's not uncommon to grind one skill out at a time as switching skills can be time consuming due to the nature of the gamemode and its lack of access to a bank.


Storage Options

As a Ultimate Ironman you will have access to a very limited selection of storage options, these options include:

  • Looting Bag
  • Item Retrieval Services such as Zulrah/Hespori etc
  • POH
  • STASH Units
  • Additional Misc Storage

Looting bags are a UIMs best friend, they act as a second inventory which can be extremely useful. However there are a few restrictions. You may only put items into the Looting bag when you are in the Wilderness. You may also only retrieve an item from your Looting bag by dying, resulting in the bag being destroyed. Be very wary when putting items into your Looting bag and always check your surroundings before entering the Wilderness.

How to obtain a Looting Bag:


Looting bags are dropped by most NPCs in the wilderness, however it is recommended to kill Thugs in the Edgeville Dungeon as they are low level and relevatively safe from the usual pkers.

Alternatively you can also gain points by playing the Last Man Standing minigame and trading the NPC to obtain a Looting bag for 3 points. I would recommend just earning these over time to save yourself in future whenever you don't want to have to kill Thugs for another one.

Edgeville Dungeon can be accessed via a trapdoor in the ruins behind Edgeville Bank, you can find Thugs located here:


Item Retrieval Services allow for a temporary storage solution allowing you to completely free up your inventory, you can also claim back specific items allowing you to freely pick and choose anything you need at the time. This type of system works with both Hespori and Zulrah. There is one major drawback to this storage however as if you die while your items are in storage, everything in there will be lost. For this reason it is highly recommended that you only do safe activities while using this service.

Player Owned Houses are extremely useful for Ultimate Ironmen. Within the Costume room, you are able to build a wide variety of storage for specific items. With the current implementation of this on Zaros, you aren't able to store majority of clue scroll items, however you will be able to store a large number of useful items.
A small list of some notable items is:

  • Regular/Elite Void Set
  • Skilling outfits
  • Infinity Boots
  • Ranger Boots
  • Fighter Torso
  • Skilling Capes
  • Max Capes
  • Imbued Capes

STASH Units are scattered all around the world. They require specific construction levels and materials based on the tier of STASH unit.
On Zaros, only 1 item is required in order to use the units, you do NOT need the other "required items". A full list of the useful items can be seen here:



Additional Misc Storage - There are some extra storage options that can be useful to be UIM such as:

  • Coin storage - Using a coffer such as at Last Man Standing you are able to store your coins
  • Tool Leprechauns - These guys can store various farming tools, extremely useful for farm runs
  • Seed Vault - A UIM's dream storage for all things farming. You can store all your seeds and saplings in this. Located at the Farming Guild.
  • Herb Sack - On Zaros, the sack has a cap of 500 of each grimy herb in the game.


Tips and Tricks

  • Cannons can be "stored" by taking advantage of the Collection box at any bank. Place your cannon down anywhere and after the 25 minute timer is up, if your inventory is completely full, your cannon will be sent to your collection box to be retrieved whenever you need.
  • Seed boxes work as a portable Seed Vault on Zaros. This is an extremely useful item for a UIM to have as any seed drops can be sent straight to the vault wherever you are and you can freely store/retrieve anything from the vault allowing for easier farm runs.
  • Herb Sacks on Zaros have a capped limit of 500 of each grimy herb. This means you can store a large supply of grimy herbs in here making it an ideal way to store potions without taking up a lot of inventory slots. Simply store the grimy herb and make the potions as and when you need to by taking advantage of the Herblore shop to buy the secondaries.
  • Last Man Standing can be a great way of having instant access to a new Looting bag without the need to go kill Thieves in the wildy etc. Very handy when you're in a rush or simple don't want to wait around for a RNG drop.
  • If you talk to any banker, you choose how you would like your items to be noted/unnoted. You can either have it note all/unnote all (default option) or you can choose to require a specific number to note/unnote. This can be especially handy for skills such as Herblore where managing multiple items can be tricky.



This is my first attempt at making a guide so sorry if there are any mistakes, I will try to update and adjust the guide as time goes on. Feel free to leave any additional helpful info missing from the guide and I'll make sure to add it in. Thanks!

Edited by UIM Exp

Ultimate Ironman Guide

Ultimate Ironman Progression:
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