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Alchemical Hydra- The Money Dragon Guide.


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Alchemical Hydra, What Is He? (Did you just assume its gender?)


The Three headed dragon known as Alchemical Hydra is a boss found under teleports - boss- Alchemical Hydra, requiring level 95 slayer to obtain the task, players can defeat alchemical hydra for the greatly sought after hydra's claw and hydra's leather, Alchemical Hydra was the creation of a dragonkin named Karuulm along with the other monster's in the dungeon.

                                                                   • Range Max Hit -  17+17 (default) / 26+26 (empowered)                                                                       
•  Magic Max Hit - 17+17 (default) / 26+26 (empowered)   
• Health
• Instanced Task
• Slayer Master Konar To receive task
• Required Boots of Stone and to be on task
• Attack Style Range/Magic alternating every 3 hits for the first 3 phases
• Attack Speed - 6

Monster attack speed 6.png

Getting to the Boss.







Noteable Unique Drops


  • Hydra's Claw
  • Hydra's Leather
  • Ikkle Hydra (Pet)
  • Brimstone ring pieces, Hydra's eye, Hydra's fang, Hydra's heart
  • Alchemical Hydra Heads


The Strategy, How to Kill Hydra Effectively.

Tile Indicators and place tiles.

Key tiles to highlight


This tile to the right of me ^

Is where you want to run to when entering the room, luring hydra on the red drain.


This is where you want to stand when luring the Hydra on his blue phase right as he is about to change blue.

Note this will be at around 75% of his health.


This is where you want to stand after pulling him into the last drain and neutralising his defence.

standing in this spot will save you from being hit on the fire phase.

Equipment Required I will be using this most effective chart as reference
to your own gear.



5x Prayer Potions (When Learning)

Ranging Potion

Anti-Venom Or Serpentine Helmet

Rest Manta Rays/Monkfish/Shark.

Optional to Dwh/bgs at start of kill.

Explaining the vents mechanic

If Alchemical Hydra is not neutralised by the vents he will damage 50% more dmg towards you, this means you will also have a negative DPS impact when killing hydra.

Covering the mechanics

Hydra starts at 1100 Health points on the (Green Phase)

He will use a special poison attack after 3 hits to you within the kill, simply just move 3-4 tiles away.

75% Health (Blue Phase)

On the blue phase, Hydra will use a portal special effect, I normally just tank this effect whilst standing in the tile marked shown above.

50% Health the (Red Phase)

On the Red phase, using my method where you stand and just attack hydra whilst he does his special fire attacks, you'll skip this completely.

25% Health commonly referred as the (Black Phase)

On the black phase Hydra will rotate between range and mage attacks every kill.

A Youtube Video Kill, Not done by myself.





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Guide is pretty good! Few notes, fire skip and lightning skip are pretty important to this boss's mechanics. Lightning arguably being the most important, due to that fact that it's different on this server from osrs. It would also be nice to have a clearer image of all the marked tiles. Also, the tiles you have marked are not the most efficient way to do this boss. I can send you an example clip if you'd like. Also worth mentioning, that rada's blessing 4, from the achievement store, achieves the same thing as boots of stone. Additionaly, boots of stone can be replaced with granite boots or brimstone boots. 

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