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Nicole's Crafting Guide


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Crafting - Skilling Guide

I have yet to see a crafting guide and although it can be self-explanatory a guide still helps some and I believe it would be good to add one to the skilling directory 🙂

First of all, you're going to want to do 2 quests to get you started with some good crafting XP.

The first is Sheep Shearer. Teleport to Lumbridge and go slightly North West to the sheep farm. Go through this door and speak to the farmer here, choose option 1 and then option 1 again to begin the quest. 


You can find some shears on the table inside of the farmer's house or buy them from the general store at Edge, North West of the bank. Then, go into the sheep farm next to this house and shear 20 sheep until you have wool. Then either go to Lumbridge castle to spin this wool to make balls of wool or teleport to Edgeville and go to the building with the furnace in.


Once you have spun the wool, return to the farmer in Lumbridge and give him the wool. You will then have finished the quest and gained easy XP.


Not only do you get some very nice crafting XP for this (about 40+ levels on a normie account), you also get some cash, a crystal key and a bonus XP book.

Next is Goblin Diplomacy.

For this quest, you will need 3 goblin mails which can be acquired by killing goblins or buy from the trading post. You must dye these goblin mails and the dye can be bought in Lletya as seen below. You need one unaltered goblin mail (brown), an orange one and a blue one.


Once you have these 3 goblin mails, travel to Goblin Village which is north of Falador and East of Taverley.


Speak to General Bentnoze and General Wartface in this building. They will take the two dyed goblin mails from you and then decide that the brown (unaltered) one looks the best on Grubfoot. Once you have gone through the dialogue, you will have completed the quest.


From this quest, you will also receive some crafting XP. These are the two quests you want to start with for your first basic crafting levels before you begin grinding.

Now, on to the different methods of training your crafting skill.

First of all, glassblowing. Glassblowing is a very cheap way of training this skill, albeit sometimes slow. You can make the glass yourself for some extra crafting XP or buy from other player's in the trading post (if you aren't ironman). To make the glass yourself, you're going to need a lot of sand and seaweed/ash. To get this, you need to go to any charter ship. I recommend either Catherby or Port Khazard as they're the closest to a bank. You can travel to Port Khazard via the fairy ring, code DJP and run south east. Once you're here, trade the guys on the port.


If you want to use the furnace method for glassblowing, buy a lot of sand and ash. A furnace can be found at edgeville.


However, this method can be rather slow as the molten glass in your inventory is made one by one. Therefore, I recommend using the mage spell method if you can and you will need sand and seaweed for this. This method is slightly faster as all the glass in your inventory is made in one spell. Also: astral, fire and air runes will be required as well as a magic level of 77 (therefore, if you haven't trained magic then use the furnace method). Change your spellbook to Lunar via the altar at Edgeville to be able to do this spell.


Once you have made a bunch of molten glass (or bought it, depending on how lazy you are), then you will need to buy the glassblowing pipe in the tool shop North west of edge bank with the other shops and use this tool on the glass.


Another method is battlestaves. I didn't use this method so I'm unsure if it's a good method on this server but it's still an option. You can make unpowered orbs yourself (via glassblowing - option 6 in the image above) and enchant them via the elemental obelisk (fire, air, earth and water) or you can buy the powered orbs in the trading post. These orbs can be used on a battlestaff to create a corresponding battlestaff, for example an air battlestaff.

Another method is cutting gems. You can acquire gems through numerous ways in Zaros. Firstly, if you're a donator that's a bonus. You can buy Emeralds and Sapphires in ::Dzone as well as rubies and diamonds in ::Ezone. They can also be bought in the trading post.


However, gems can still be acquired through other ways. Travelling to Rogue's Den (via Skilling teleports) and cracking wall safes is one way. You get coin pouches as well as gems very often from this method. This method gains you thieving XP as well as tons of gems to train your crafting skill! If you're a super donator, this is even cooler for you as you have a random chance to acquire gem bags with lots of gems inside.


Gems can also be mined in Shilo Village, seen below in the north western part of this map. Gems can be mined all the way up to diamonds here, with uncut diamonds being the rarest and opals being the most common.


Another method is crafting D'hide bodies. This is a great method as you get a ton of XP. Get your dragon leather either from killing dragons yourself or buying from other players. If you've done slayer, you'll probably have killed a lot of dragons and may have a lot of this already banked. There's green, blue, red and black leather that are 100% dropped each time from the corresponding dragon. Once you have your leather, you first need to tan it. You can do this in Al Kharid.


Once your leather is tanned, you can begin crafting. You will need a needle and thread which can be bought from the tool shop North West of Edge bank.


And voila! Enjoy your grinding and please leave any comments below if I missed out any methods you'd like to see explained 😄


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8 hours ago, Niedermayer said:

Very well explained, neat guide!

Thank you 🙂 

8 hours ago, Mastav said:

 I've seen you have to answer "no" to multiple people in the CC asking if there was a crafting guide. I think it's great that you made one! Awesome guide too 🙂

Thank you! I think it was a well needed guide for that reason 

5 hours ago, FTWImCody said:

This was very much needed 😄 Thanks @Nicole for the guide for all the players to use!

33 minutes ago, UIM Exp said:

Very nice and straightforward guide. Also had no idea about that dye shop so that'll be very useful when I get around to doing that quest ☺️

Thank you guys and glad I could help 🙂

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Here's a no banking method: Go to any port to trade the Crew Members. Make sure to have Coin, Glass Blowing Pipe, and Rune pouch with Air, Astral, and Fire runes. Also make sure to be on Lunar spell book.

1. Buy 10 Sand buckets and 10 Soda Ash
2. Cast Superglass Make spell
3. Then use blowpipe on glass and craft the best item
4. Drop all crafted items and repeat

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