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Hey I'm DrKelso


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It just dawned on me that I never officially introduced myself. I've been around for almost two months now, so I hope some of you recognize me! I try my very best to be helpful around here and answer any questions you might have, and hopefully have a little fun and make some friends doing it. I've got 17 years on and off runescape under my belt and I aim to share it. I truly enjoy helping people so feel free to pm me any time you want with questions you might have. 

Another important aspect of my life is mental health, and I know its a weird thing to bring up in an introduction but I just want you to know that at any point in time, and I mean ANY POINT IN TIME, you can pm me in game or on the forums if you need to talk. It doesn't even have to be serious, some times you just need someone to bullcrap around with and I'm there for that, but if you need to get something heavy off your chest I'm there for that too.

So far I absolutely adore this server and want to help other people appreciate it as much as I do, so spread some love and lets all have some fun together playing some nostalgic runescape together and have a great time doing it. 

I hope to see you in game and make a personal connection with anyone who's interested in that

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