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​​πŸ”₯​​πŸ”₯​​πŸ”₯Free Fire cape service - All done remotely​​πŸ”₯​​πŸ”₯​​πŸ”₯

Dry streak

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Just now, Tuxedo Mask said:

good idea, simple item to get but nice way to get your rep up for future services if they are allowed. good luck!


9 minutes ago, patdawan said:

Respectable, not everyone can do jad & a lot of them resort to buying it from donating or votes. Good stuff brotha

Thanks for the reply's fellas, just trying to lend a helping hand πŸ™‚

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  • Dry streak changed the title to ​​πŸ”₯​​πŸ”₯​​πŸ”₯Free Fire cape service - All done remotely​​πŸ”₯​​πŸ”₯​​πŸ”₯

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