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Ultimate Ironman Progress #3


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Back again for part 3 of my UIM progress working towards maxing. Going to try and change up the format a bit for this one, let me know what you think.

Achieved in this Progress update:



  • 99 Magic
  • 99 Runecrafting
  • 99 Farming
  • 99 Fishing
  • 99 Cooking
  • 99 Crafting
  • 99 Range


  • Imbued Cape
  • God d'hide bodies
  • Wizard boots
  • Spiked Manacles
  • Ranger boots
  • Trident


Starting off, while doing a few herb runs, passively managed to achieve 99 Magic as I was already less than 100k xp from the level.



After this I took my first "dangerous" trip off into the Wilderness to get myself an Imbued Cape



Next was easily the worst grind I've had to do so far... 99 Runecrafting. For this I went ahead and crafted Blood runes from 77-90 and then Soul runes from 90-99. Along the way I passed the 200 Million xp milestone as well!





After this grind was over, I took a little break and did some farming runs as I had a few Redwood saplings and more than enough Fruit tree saplings to get myself 99 Farming.



The next grind on the list was Fishing. I definitely underestimated just how many clue scrolls I'd be getting along the way for this and I really wish I had a scroll sack at the time. None the less along the way I did quite a few clue scrolls and got pretty damn lucky shall we say.


Clue Scrolls Rewards:



First boot drop on the account from Medium clue scrolls, got myself a pair of Wizard boots!



Third Hard clue done and managed to get myself 2 different kinds of God d'hide bodies, just a nice thing to have.



Soon after in the Medium Clues, got myself another boot upgrade... Spiked Manacles



Lastly saving the best for last, got super lucky and got myself a pair of Ranger boots at only 45 Medium Clue scroll Completions!



Collection Log Update after this amazing luck:



Finally with all the Clue Scrolls I could be bothered to do, I got around to finishing the 99 Fishing grind



Naturally what comes next after Fishing? 99 Cooking of course, with the sharks I had caught along the way. I banged this out at the Hosidius range until I hit 99, then finished the rest of the sharks down in the Rogues Den for closer "banking".




With my food cooked and ready to go, I was ready to finally dive back into the slayer grind! But before that I had 2 Crafting levels to go and supplies I need in future for bosses like Zulrah. I headed to the wall safes and thieved until I had enough gems for 99 Crafting. I needed to get sapphires for future recoils and ruby/diamonds for bolt tips anyway so this was worthwhile getting out the way first while I had inventory space.



FINALLY I can start the real slayer grind. After doing all these 99s I hopped straight into slayer, flying through levels as well as training my Attack and Defence up. Got my second Cave Kraken task of the account and managed to get myself a big upgrade, my trusty trident which I achieved around ~220 KC, just a little over the droprate.



With all this Slayer training, I made sure to cannon every single task I possibly could, not only to speed up the tasks but to completely passively train Range. From 70 onwards I had not trained Range through any means except the cannon and after burning through almost ~20k cannonballs, I managed to achieve 99 Range



And that's it! This update had a lot more in it than I originally intended so apologies for the long post.

Here's where the account's stats are at now:


As you can see I completely flew past the 2200 total level milestone and with the except of Prayer, I'm now sitting at Base 90s for all skills.

Almost forgot, with this I also finally am no longer stuck in 15th place on the leaderboard, I've managed to move up to 11th, closing in on that top 10!



Going forward, unless there are big PVM related goals, my next progress update should be where I max the account.

For anyone interested here's what I have planned for the remaining skills:


Attack and Defence - Passively gained while doing Slayer
Slayer - Grind Slayer (Obviously)

Prayer -

  • Try hunting Dragon Implings for bones
  • Grind Hydra then use on Altar
  • Cannon Blue dragons then use on Altar

Construction -

  • Farm Seaweed for large quantity
  • Mine Granite for a lot of buckets of sand
  • Superglass make all into molten glass
  • Molten glass for Crafting table to 99

Herblore - Passive herb runs

Hunter - Herb sack from Slayer then Herbiboar to 99


Thanks for reading guys, hope you enjoyed the little progress update! 😅

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