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Daily tasks


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I thought it would be cool if there were daily tasks on a rotation, very simple like:

Kill the nightmare boss.

Complete an elite clue.

Complete a wilderness key.

Mine 50 runite ores.

Catch a dragon imp.

and many more possibilities... different for everyone.

And upon completing the task it will give you a small untradeable xp lamp reward.

Every 24 hours there will be a new task.


Another idea I have:

I love the weekly events, such as: ``first person to get x-pet or x-drop gets an extra reward.``


it would be very cool if one of the devs could implement that, that in the purple quest tab it says:


Event: Get a drop: Black mask

Event: Get a drop: Berserker ring

Event: Get a drop: Zenyte shard

Event: Get a drop: Hell puppy


Just random items from the collection log, if someone completes it, the game rewards it with something that makes it worthwile trying.

If someone completes it, it will switch to a next random item. Only the first person to get it counts.

Thanks for reading, and have a nice day!

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I like the idea of daily tasks a lot but I think Rewarding RAW Experience in the form of lamps is maybe not the best. I believe having something like a 15 min 1.1-1.5 exp boost book (Depending on the difficulty of that daily task) would have more of a Zaros feel to it. +1 to that!


As far as the weekly tasks go I'm not the biggest fan as it's so RNG based and we already have similar events being ran on the weekends by staff.

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