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Instance Tokens


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I am not sure if this has been brought up or not but instead of it using 2 token even if your soloing just seems off. 

Maybe i am doing it wrong I don't know lol.

Should make it 1 instance token per person if solo then just 1 token. 

Also if used it should be able to last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour where you can go back and do it again until timer is out.

Just a thought.

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1 token without insurance, 2 with insurance, 3 for insurance with clan access & 4 for all previous + fast respawn. It is definitely worth it considering how much you can make if you do it right and most tokens are around 180-220k as well lots of ppl grind slayer for theirs so its not a loss at all. Hope this helped brotha lol


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Just to clarify a little bit more. When you're making a solo / private instance there will be a second chatbox asking if you would like insurance for 1 more token, you can hit the decline button and that will allow you to only use 1 token. (If you're using barrows equipment I'd recommend using the insurance as it's more expensive to fix the barrows then it is to buy an addition token. Unless you're an Ironman in which it's always better to not have insurance as Tokens are more priceless on Ironman)

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