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Seed Box

St Starlin

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Currently there is no way to get this in-game other than donating real money. This item should be added to the slayer point store for 500 points or the vote store for 10 tokens. This is an extremely important item for UIM as well as a very useful item for all ironman accounts. Having it locked solely behind currency is not fair to the players.

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6 hours ago, Konar said:

As of now we're leaving it how it is but might revise it further down the road, personally I don't want it on my uim, I'd rather just go to the farming guild to use the vault there, I find it a waste of space

I understand that you can store seeds elsewhere, but the seed box makes picking them up much easier. Even if some people don't want it, i don't think it's fair that the only way to get one in game is through the donator store. There should absolutely be an alternative method to get one inside the game.

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