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Yato's Beta application


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Discord username: Fares#0697
Do you have any experience when it comes to bug-testing: No , but i've found multiple bugs on multiple RSPS , never really had a shot on becoming a bug tester.
How knowledgeable would you say you are when it comes to Runescape/Oldschool Runescape: I think i have a fair amount of knowledge overall when it comes to pking / pvming.
Runescape username & total level: I dont really have an 07 account , to word it better i've never used my own account , but ive played rsps for years including 07 servers which were eco based aswell.
How do you feel you'd be useful in testing Zaros: I think i would be useful in the pking scene mostly but i like to help in general since i have a fair amount of pvm experience.
How many hours do you plan on spending per week on average testing:  Atleast an hour a day. Minimum 7 hours a week.

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