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Add "crossed out" names in HC leaderboards + Forum awards?


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Something I've noticed; hardcore ironmen get completely wiped off of the leaderboards if they die. There's no indication of how much progression was achieved on the account prior to dying. Both Ikov and even Oldschool Runescape have the "crossed out" name feature in the hiscores. It definitely serves the purpose of driving competition among alive hcim instead of just giving them free ranks when someone dies with no incentive to climb the leaderboards. This should be added for hc elite ironmen as well.


I also think the forums are a little too bland compared to ikov & other rsps. It's been a couple months since Zaros has been out and there's still no donator ranks on forum accounts or any forum awards/titles. I think this would encourage long-term goals for many players to keep grinding and keeping the server population up.

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