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Zaros Updates [25/2/2021]


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  • Developer

Hello everyone,

This is a bigger update that we've been working on and it has a little bit of everything. We've also heard the complaints about the wilderness being inactive, and we hope that some of the changes today will help revive it, or at least parts of it. Let us know what you think below!



  • Death's PvP shop has been revamped which will help make pking a bit more profitable and provide more choices on how to spend blood money.
  • Perdu will now only charge 2.5 million coins when locking untradeable items with a parchment scroll (previously 5 million).
  • The global 15% bonus exp boost in the wilderness has been removed. Instead, there's now a 20% bonus exp boost in the resource area, wilderness agility course and at the chaos altar.
  • Using a special attack in the wilderness (in single zones) will now always prevent teleporting for 5 seconds. This also applies in Edgeville PvP.
  • Killing a player that has a shutdown will now reward bonus blood money.
  • You can now have up to 3 wilderness keys at once, scales up to 6 based on donator rank (max reached with extreme donator).
  • Galvek
    • More loot!
      • Top 3 damage dealers now get 2 rolls on the wilderness keys drop table (excluding pvp items).
      • Top 4-10 damage dealers now get 1 roll on the wilderness keys drop table (excluding pvp items and rare items).
  • Ancient caskets
    • Added a global announcement when the player with the casket makes it out of the wilderness.
    • Fixed a few scenarios where the ancient casket hint icons (the arrows showing the location of the casket) would not be updated correctly for some players.
    • You can no longer alch the ancient casket.
  • You can now use the ::riskskull command to give yourself a special, high-risk skull. This skull will prevent you from using the 'Protect Item' prayer. To swap back to a regular skull simply use the ::skull command (cannot use the command while in wilderness when you have a high-risk skull). Additionally, using any of these commands will re-start the timer on your skull.
  • If you die with the 'Protect Item' prayer on but then your prayer points drop to 0 while you're dead, you will still protect an item.
  • Phoenix necklaces now act as consumables when dropped in the wilderness (they won't show up for other players).
  • You can no longer use the empty command in the wilderness.
  • Added Multi Varrock PvP teleport.


POH Costume Storage:

  • We've heard your suggestions for bank space and alternative storage (especially the Ultimate Ironmen). The POH costume room has been updated to match oldschool's current system.
  • While you can store a large variety of costumes, clue items, and special gear, the following items have been removed from the old storage system and can no longer be stored in the new system. If you had any of these items in the old storage, they will automatically go to your collection box once the update hits.
    • The six main colors of partyhats (red, yellow, blue, green, purple, white)
    • Halloween masks (red, blue, green)
    • Santa hat
    • Gilded rune defender
    • Lunar staff
  • Additionally, the boss lair display has been updated, allowing you to store all obtained boss jars.
  • When visiting another player's house, you can view the storages to see their achievements and collection.



  • The following quests have been added into Zaros, giving you an opportunity to earn an additional 6x 15-minute bonus xp books, 600k GP, and 6x crystal keys.
    • Monk's Friend
    • Pirate's Treasure
    • Druidic Ritual
    • Knight's Sword
    • Jungle Potion
    • Merlin's Crystal
  • With the new maximum quest points at 44 (from 29), the time calculation for tears of guthix has been adjusted.



  • Chambers of Xeric
    • Some adjustments to the droptables
      • There's now a 1/10 chance of receiving an elite clue scroll (rolls as a tertiary drop).
      • Added Dragon darts and Dragon bolts.
      • Removed Saltpetre, Dynamite and Lizardman fangs.
    • Damage against Vasa Nistirio will no longer be capped to his health, as this was preventing kills where he started healing on the same tick, forcing players to do another cycle.
    • You can now re-drink overloads and enhances if there's less than 4 minutes remaining (previously 1 minute).
  • Theatre of Blood
    • Spectators will now be able to see if there's a purple chest in the reward room.
    • Pestilent Bloat
      • Limbs will no longer fall on the same tile back to back
    • Xarpus
      • The speed of phase 1 where exhumed spawn will now be faster for all group sizes and more comparable to OSRS in duration.
  • Last Man Standing
    • When defeating another player, only hitpoints and prayer points will now be restored.
    • Super combat potions no longer boost defence levels (only applies inside LMS).
    • Fixed a bug where players could bring multiple accounts into LMS on the same device.
    • The correct blood key is now given when defeating another player.
    • Loot crates:
      • A 5th loot crate will now spawn later in the game (it was only spawning a total of 4 before).
      • The last 3 crates will now always spawn in the safe area.
    • Fixed a bug where it was wilderness in a small spot upstairs of the lobby.
  • Pest Control
    • Halberds will now work against portals
    • Splatters should no longer damage portals when exploding


Monsters and Bosses:

  • Nightmare
    • Lowered the base shield by 200 to make solos a bit more viable.
  • Zalcano
    • Fixed a bug where the shockwave attack could knock players into objects or walls visually.
  • Hespori
    • Teleporting out of your fight with Hespori after immediately killing it will no longer reset the fight.
    • Fixed a bug where its special attack would go through on players that had just died, dealing damage when they respawned.
    • The bottomless compost bucket will now register in the collection log when obtained as a drop from Hespori.
    • Halberds can now be used to attack Hespori.
  • Iorwerth Dungeon
    • The dungeon and all its inhabitants have been added.
    • Each monster within the dungeon can be killed for crystal shards at a base rate of 1/24.
    • Konar can assign dark beasts, nechryaels, bloodvelds, and kurasks from here.
  • Godwars bosses will now announce to everyone in the chamber when they drop an item. This can be filtered.
  • Demonic gorillas will no longer "pj" you when changing protection style.
  • Removed the slayer task requirement for entering cerberus lair. This is so players can return to collect gravestone items in the event they die during their last task kill. You still need the proper slayer level to enter the cave and both a slayer level and task requirement to kill cerberus.



  • Agility
    • Added Pollnivneach rooftop course.
    • Added Falador rooftop course.
    • Marks of grace will now remain on the ground for 10 minutes before despawning.
    • Fixed the Rellekka fence shortcut.
  • Construction:
    • Barlak, located in Dorgesh-kaan, will now buy long and curved bones for Construction exp and gold from players. He will also purchase special shells for Crafting exp.
    • You can now toggle for pets to roam around the house in the pet menagerie.
    • You can now build and utilize Marble Lecterns in the study of your POH.
    • Corrected burners lit duration in chapels.
    • You can no longer light burners in building mode.
    • Players will no longer disconnect when attempting to open a door in a house at the same time as someone else.
  • Herblore:
    • Zahur:
      • You can now mass decant potions into the desired dose
      • Will no longer attempt to make unfinished sanfew potions.
      • Wearing a herblore skillcape or max cape will no longer be required to make unfinished potions, only 99 herblore is required.
    • Making finished sanfew potions will now give the proper experience per dose.
    • Stamina potions now correctly light up the run orb again when logging in.
  • Magic:
    • You can now make arceuus teleport tablets at the Ouditor's lectern in Arceuus.
    • Alchemy spells can now be used while in combat.
  • Thieving:
    • Rocky, the Thieving pet can now be transformed into "Red" and "Ziggy" by using redberries and poison ivy berries respectively on him.
  • Slayer:
    • New superior slayer monsters have been added:
      • Spiked Turoths
      • Shadow Wyrms
      • Guardian Drakes



  • Corrected Dragon claws special attack, it was dealing more damage than intended in some situations.
  • The scroll sack (o) can now auto-pickup clues dropped from NPCs. To toggle this feature, simply right-click the sack and select "auto-pickup".
  • Dyed weapons (such as whips and dark bows) will now have proper death mechanics.
  • Daeyalt essence can now be stored in runecrafting pouches and takes precedence over pure essence. Additionally, when checking runecrafting pouches, it will now display the type of essence inside.
  • Ultimate Ironmen can now exchange daeyalt shards for essence and will be placed directly in their inventory (unnoted form).
  • Corrected the strength boost formula on the dragon battleaxe special attack.
  • Dorgeshuun crossbow will now always be accurate against "unsuspecting" targets. An unsuspecting target is one that is out of combat or was last attacked by someone else.
  • The Meat tenderiser no longer has a 40 attack level requirement. Updated its animations.


Other changes & fixes:

  • Fixed some actions that were broken on mobile, such as ranking players in clanchat, opening skill guides etc.
  • Death no longer tries to unnote items, causing large noted stacks to be deleted when the player runs out of inventory space.
  • You can no longer stack boosts that have different modifiers. For example, if you have a 20% exp boost active, attempting to activate a 50% boost will now warn you that the old boost will be overriden, instead of it applying the new boost with the remaining time of the old one.
  • Slayer messages relating to the location of your slayer task will no longer be spammed if you decide to take a break from your current task and kill something else.
  • Increased the amount of numulite received from various activities on fossil island by 2-5x.
  • Corrected the location for the hard clue requiring you to "Laugh in the Jokul's tent in the Mountain Camp".
  • Players should no longer get teleported out of crabclaw island as a regular donator.
  • You will now receive correct experience drops if you have max XP in a particular skill.
  • Fixed not being able to interact with large fires in the donator zone.
  • Sulliuscep mushrooms now give the proper woodcutting experience.
  • Fixed typos in general graardor's name on the slayer interface.
  • The notification sent in the chatbox for receiving a new collection log entry is no longer filtered.
  • Fixed issues with pathing to the motherlode mine second floor ladder.
  • Drop item warnings and thresholds will now work properly.
  • Cannons will now be restricted in the lizardman temple instance.
  • Updated default bank space for non-donators from 350 to 400.
  • The achievement related to butlers is now auto completed for ultimate ironmen (they can't hire butlers).
  • The crystal saw has been added to the vote store.
  • The ingame staff list will now be sorted by rank, followed by alphabetical order.
  • Added Karamja city teleport.
  • Added Dorgesh-kaan teleport.
  • Fixed birdhouse notifications not appearing for players with regular, extreme, or uber donator ranks.
  • Ali Morrisane's flying carpet fleet is now open for business
  • Added teleports to the five cities of great kourend.
  • A broadcast will now be shown to the world when completing a section in your collection log.
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36 minutes ago, Oaky said:

Godwars bosses will now announce to everyone in the chamber when they drop an item. This can be filtered.

This should also be done for the Nightmare and Corporeal Beast! 😄 Atleast when people are in the same cc (like OSRS).



Good updates, keep em coming! 

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