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varrock multi

mr big dick

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add a npc that will spawn there every 30 mins or something like a hp event npc where people can come and kill it for a drop. right now theres barely any pkers and who will go to varrock multi its so dead. 

this will bring in pkers and make the wildy more active please listen to this 

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I'm not saying I'm the reason Varrock Multi was added but I am the one that suggested it. Heading north into the wilderness isn't the only reason it was added, js. They can add a teleport anywhere along the border of the wild, that doesn't mean it'll increase PK activity. Maybe, just maybe, allowing ironmen to utilize wildy keys will at least increase in that aspect. I don't think this is a great idea though tbh. Seems a bit silly. I do agree it should have a hotspot, allow a key or something to spawn but to flat out add a boss, no support.

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