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Resting's Splashing Guide (1-99 Mage)


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Splashing / Mage Training Guide

    Hello! Welcome to my splashing guide. For those of you that are newer to the game, you might be wondering, "what is splashing?". Splashing is a term used in Runescape for when a player uses a combat spell against an NPC, but doesn't have a high enough magic attack bonus to actually deal damage to it. This allows us to do two things; first, it allows us to gain a small amount of magic experience per spell, as magic experience will still be gained even on a missed spell, second, it allows us to have a target that can't die.

    Splashing is a great method for AFK magic training. It is a widely popular method that is used primarily on RSPS, due to the lack of a logout timer. While it is definitely not the fastest way to get your magic level up, it tends to be more favorable, as you can leave your computer on over night and gain passive levels as you sleep. 


Requirements for Splashing / Gear

As stated earlier, what we're looking for is a low enough magic attack bonus, so that we CANNOT deal damage to the NPC. The golden number is -64 magic attack, but you'll most likely reach -65 magic attack, if you follow this guide.

You can check your current magic attack bonus by clicking on "worn equipment" next to your inventory icon > then "view equipment stats".






    The easiest way to achieve the target magic attack bonus and to successfully splash, you will need;

  • (1) Bronze/Iron/Steel/Black/Mithril/Adamant/Rune Full Helm
  • (1) Bronze/Iron/Steel/Black/Mithril/Adamant/Rune Platebody
  • (1) Bronze/Iron/Steel/Black/Mithril/Adamant/Rune Platelegs or Chain Skirt
  • (1) Bronze/Iron/Steel/Black/Mithril/Adamant/Rune Kite Shield
  • (1) Green d'hide/Blue d'hide/Red d'hide/Black d'hide Vambraces

Any combination of these 5 items or armor types will give you a low enough magic attack bonus to be able to splash (i.e. you can mix and match the armor sets such as having a bronze full helm, rune plate body, iron platelegs, steel kiteshield, and black vambraces.)  There are numerous ways to reach the targeted magic attack bonus, but I have found this method to be the easiest. 


    Along with the armor pieces you will also need;

  • (1) Magic staff to auto cast spells / save money on runes.
  • Runes to cast your desired spell

As a side note, you will most likely be using Wind Strike or Fire Strike for splashing. To save on the cost of runes, having an Air Staff for Wind Strike or a Fire Staff for Fire Strike is not only beneficial, but required to auto-cast. Remember to check the number of runes that your chosen spell uses, and prioritize accordingly.


Remember to NOT wear any other gear that may give a POSITIVE magic attack bonus, you need to have a -64 or lower magic attack bonus for this method to work.


Where Can I Find the Gear?

If you have just started or don't have any splashing gear readily available, boy, do I have a section for you! 

Additional Armor/Staff/Rune Locations can be found through @Zaros's guide at (::thread 7795)

Ironman Shop- Iron Armor

Trade the Ironman Manager inside of Home (Edgeville) bank (Right click > Select shop 1).



Ironman Shop- Magic Staff/Runes

Trade the Ironman Manager inside of Home (Edgeville) bank (Right click > Select shop 2).




Normal Account - Iron or Rune Armor

Trade the Melee store northwest of Home (Edgeville).



Normal Account - Magic Staff/Runes

Trade the Magic store northwest of Home (Edgeville).



Green D'Hide Vambraces - Seddu's Adventurer's Store

Teleport to Nardah (Cities > Nardah) and run west into the building with the anvil.




After Gearing, Your Equipment Might Look Something Like This



What Spell Should I Use / Logistics

The type of spell that you use really depends on how much available cash that you have. I highly recommend that you use Fire Strike, as it has a low cost and a decent rate of exp. However, you can also opt for Wind Strike to save a marginal amount of money. You can also use anything up to Fire Surge if you want really fast EXP and really hate having money in your bank. I don't recommend using higher level skills, as the runes may be very costly or hard to obtain. The chart below, from the OSRS wiki, will give you a rough estimate of how many runes to buy. Keep in mind that the values below are OSRS EXP values, you will have to multiply them by your own account's EXP multipliers (remembering that magic is a combat skill).




In order to calculate your casts per hour, divide the Exp/hr column by the Base exp/cast column. This will tell you how many times you cast a spell every hour. You can use this value to see how many runes you should buy, depending on what spell you use, and how long you plan on splashing for.

It should be noted that you don't have to use the modern spell book for splashing. If you REALLY REALLY hate money, you can also use the Ancient Spell Book.


Before you start

Before starting, it is important to set your level up threshold notification to 99. This will make it so your character will not stop auto-casting due to a level up notification.

In order to achieve this, click Options > Display > Advanced Options > Advanced Options (Zaros) > Configure Level up Threshold > set value to "99".





Additionally, before you start splashing, you will need to enable auto-casting of your chosen spell, this will allow you to cast magic spells without the need of being on your computer.

In order to achieve this, click Combat Options > Spell > and chose the spell you have picked to splash with.


For Combat Pures

You can cap your magic levels by typing " ::xplock " in game so that you don't train your magic level too high. Additionally, if you've already messed up, talk to the Melee Combat Tutor (North of Edge Bank in the altar room) to reset your level for a fee.


Now that you have equipped your gear, chosen your spell, and applied the right settings, it is finally time to splash! You simply need to walk up to a lower level NPC and start attacking them! There are a few popular locations that I will include in this guide.

Location 1: Lumbridge Castle Rats

Teleport Method: Cities > Lumbridge > Run Southwest


Probably the most common spot for splashing, there are a lot of level one rats here that won't deal any significant damage back to you.

Location 2: Lumbridge Cows

Teleport Method: Monsters > Cows


Open the gate, head outside of the cow pen, then attack a cow that is nearby. The fence will allow you to attack the cow, while simultaneously making sure that the cow will not attack you back.

Location 3: Ducks at Edgeville

Teleport Method: Home teleport


Same concept as the cow method, except you are separated by land and sea.



If you have any questions or concerns with the guide, please let me know down below in the comments or PM @Resting in game! Hopefully, I have answered all your questions on splashing. Splashing is a great way to AFK train magic, but can be a bit tedious to learn at first. I hope that this guide helps to assuage any worries you may have had. Cheers! 

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On 3/2/2021 at 7:27 PM, FTWImCody said:

Very nice guide 😄 Looking forward to all the chickens and men and other low level mobs being crowded with people haha

haha would be a funny thing to witness

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