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Kicking inactive member of ironman Clan

iron maiden

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Hello I am the owner of the clan Dynasty Warriors, we have a player by the name of "ironing" has been in-active for almost a month, about 3 weeks going on 4. 


we were told by an admin if they are in-active for more than 2 weeks to ask a admin for help.


I have tried to reach out to him on discord, hes responded with he cannot put in the hours or play because of some personal stuff going on, i was wondering because we have people who want to take his spot if we can vote him out or kick him out?

please help us with this, we all play a ton and need a full team.


attached is him admitting he cant play anymore.


he hasn't played much and everything that he currently he has gotten him self or given everything by me.


Goblinboi 03/03/2021

I got 2 kids and a wife and I've been working 15hr days. Lol. I cant play so have an admin kick me out, i don't have time to get on and leave.
[10:54 PM]
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admins are able to kick somebody from your group if they are inactive for more than 2 weeks. Please contact an admin directly via discord about this. However, do ask the member if they can hop on for a few minutes to leave themselves first because you still have contact with them.

If you have anymore questions do contact me on discord.



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