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Donation - Wrong account

Gim Dynamo

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Hello, I am playing as a group iron-man as well as a normie. On my normie I donate regularly and have purchased multiple things. I am at a loss here, asking for assistance. I purchased a 50$ scroll on the wrong account. I do not want to use it on my Group Iron man. I have not spent the points and I would like some assistance in removing the money spent, and the tokens I have not spent. I then would like the 50$ scroll on my Normie. If you can help that would be great. Respond to the thread or pm me and I will send name of main account that should receive the scroll when fixed. Thanks in advance, if this transaction can't be fixed and swapped then I will plan accordingly. Thanks for all you do. 

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Hello @Gim Dynamo, If you have already claimed the scrolls then we would not be able to reimburse that I'm afraid as you had every chance to check which account you were on when claiming the scrolls and using them. if you still have the scrolls intact, you can right click 'Use' the scroll on your regular account to transfer them from your GIM to your regular. 


Best of Luck!





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