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Ultimate Ironman Progress #4


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Hello guys, back with another progress update and getting straight into where I left off...


Finishing off the Smoke Devil task I had, I managed to hit 99 Hitpoints as well as 99 Attack




Alongside this also managed to pick up an Occult Necklace from one of them



Moving on from this task, next up was cave krakens where I managed to finally hit 99 Slayer



At this point I'd mostly finished with combat and wanted to focus on finishing up any skilling I still had left to max. I was passively doing herb runs as much as I could be bothered while gathering giant seaweed and mining sandstone in order to make enough molten glass to finish off Construction. After getting around 4000 molten glass, I went ahead and finished off the grind to 99 Construction



To help with the herbs required for herblore, I decided doing Herbiboar would be the best method for me to finish off 99 Hunter which ended up being a fairly easy grind after getting into the groove.



With this boost to my herb count as well as the passive herb runs I'd been doing during the previous grinds, I'd stacked up enough to go ahead and finish up 99 Herblore



Finally with just Defence and Prayer remaining I decided to take a break from actively aiming for max as prayer was going to be such a massive hurdle that I didn't feel like grinding thousands of blue dragons. Instead I focussed on passively trying to catch Dragon Implings for Dragon and Babydragon bones in between the bossing grinds.

Starting out I headed to Barrows in order to gear myself for Zulrah and future bosses, here's what I got:



 Next it was onto Zulrah, and she was feeling pretty generous. I'd managed to get a Magic Fang and the Tanzanite Fang in 106 KC, alongside 2 Uncut Onyx





With Zulrah pretty much finished, I turned my attention to my Hydra slayer task as it would be a great way of passively getting insane prayer xp as well as potentially some amazing drops. Just like Zulrah, it seemed like luck was definitely on my side and within my task of 149 KC, this is what I'd managed to receive:


Hydra Leather almost instantly on 6 KC, allowing me access to the BiS Melee gloves - Ferocious Gloves



Not only that, I managed to get the god tier drop of the Hydra Claw at 91 KC, allowing me to make the Dragonhunter Lance in the future after I get a Zamorak Hasta



As if that wasn't enough, I managed to get one of the best possible upgrades for a UIM after getting all 3 drops required for the Brimstone Ring






With the Hydra task over, I had gotten enough bones together to finish off Prayer, so I went to Sand crabs to afk the final level for 99 Defence before heading to finish prayer



Finally, after a long time of grinding, I finished using up each and every bone I had saved up to reach 99 Prayer and achieve Maxed stats




For anyone curious, this is my total playtime in order to max, I was in no way "sweating" it out, but I'm fairly happy with how long this took



With this I have managed to become the 8th UIM on the server to max 😄



Thanks to anyone for reading these little updates, it's been fun to track my own progress towards maxing the account. Going forward my next goal will likely be aiming to learn and complete the Inferno. This is something I've always wanted but never been able to, having access to the last 3 waves will make learning Zuk and Triple Jads a lot more enjoyable and I look forward to trying it out.

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