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Server dc made me lose my HC status

I Just Died

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Hi, i just died at zulrah by what looks like a server dc. As I was killing zulrah I was in discord with some other people and noticed that I stopped hitting zulrah, as I clicked on the boss I started moving towards him and just stood still for a bit. I tried to yell "help" just incase I would die and started spam clicking the teleport button. I made a quick gif and on there you can also see the screen went black. If you look at where my character was facing that happened when I clicked on Zulrah.

Here is a gif off when my screen went black https://gyazo.com/bdfbd2e5da433b2e04b2d8579aae17cc

The only "proof" I can give as why its not my own internet but a server dc is : I cant make photo/Gif's on gyazo without any internet from my side.

And from my own perspective, I was in the discord call the whole time and never dced which is why I know it wasnt on my end.

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