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Skilling Outfits & Pets


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Considering we already have 2 custom pets in-game, I wanted to open discussions and see what other ideas our community has!

Please share and/or support outfits/pets that you'd love to see in the game 😄 


Here are mine:


- Prayer Pet | Angel (Gilded Altar) & Demon (Chaos Altar)

- Fletching Pet | Robin

- Cooking Pet | Rat



- Runecrafter Robes (use water/earth/fire runes to recolor)

- Blacksmiths Outfit

- Chef Outfit


What are yours?

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Slayer pet - possibly like a little turoth or something as thats the thing from the slayer skillcape emote, or something else thats cool and not already to close to any bossing pets.

im not sure if its already ingame i dont think it is but pet phoenix recolour with the fire lighter.

might be cool to see some new colours added to graceful that cost extra marks, and maybe a perk thats unlimited run even in blast furnace.

an alternate use for dupe drops that are useless like kbd heads, dark claws, hydra heads etc can be turned into different colour gracefull, i.e black for kbd, purple for dark claw from skotizo.

would be nice to see something useful come of dupe pets, maybe a 5% increase buff to yield from crops for a dupe farm pet, or 15% chance to catch double fish from the heron pet, 15% chance to cut 2 logs instead of 1 from the beaver, 10% more runes from runecrafting using the rift gaurdian. or even add buffs to skilling pets in general, any extra boost when youre ironman in general or a normie going for 200m's is gonna help out a tone!

just some ideas off the top of my head 🙂

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Super cool ideas, full support!!

As always Slayex, you are working hard for Zaros and i thank you for that.


My main ideas would be a Galvek pet and also all combat style pets!

Since we are here, i also suggest adding comp cape tied with achievement!

95% unlocking regular comp cape and 100% trimmed comp cape!


Kind regards,


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