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Deadmen's Beta Application


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Discord username: Deadmen#8339
Do you have any experience when it comes to bug-testing: 
I have had little bug testing in the past on very old servers years ago, but I will be bug testing Cosine's Legacy PK server when he releases the beta.

How knowledgeable would you say you are when it comes to Runescape/Oldschool Runescape: When it comes to OSRS I would say my game knowledge is at a expert/master level. I've been playing RS since 2004 and I played OSRS since its release. I have played every SDMM and DMMT since its 3rd tournament, the first one at GDZ when woox won by tick eating the fog, so I am a master at playing fresh start games and building up max accounts and getting full gear setups to try and win the deadman tournament, as well as getting up high total levels to qualify for the deadman tournaments.

Runescape username & total level: RSN: Deadmen Task (among other pure/w45 accounts as well) Total level: 1600

How do you feel you'd be useful in testing Zaros:  Although my main isn't too impressive, I have achieved tons of accomplishments in Deadman Mode (and now Leagues 2 with 30k points). I am currently rank 1 slayer in the Tournament highscores under the rsn: Yew Gnomey. I believe I would be able to help in many ways, by testing out building an account from scratch up to end game gameplay. I would be testing most if not every skill given the time, and I would have a high awareness for the small details, such as the doors in Draynor Maynor only opening to 1 person at a time (they did during your release, but on OSRS only the entry door to draynor maynor opens to 1 person at a time. The other doors should be able to stay open and close as any player on the world wishes). I would be starting from scratch in the beta and seeing how everything works for a player trying to do the slayer pvming route into a skilling route for people such as ironmen or even normal players just trying out everything the game has to offer, including PvP and wilderness functions.

I have a high passion for these sort of things. I want to be part of making a game that everyone will enjoy and want to stay playing with as little complaints and thoughts such as 'this is a private server, what do you expect?' I believe I can help you guys make a server that surprises players just how much like 07 it really is, and how little bugs there are.

How many hours do you plan on spending per week on average testing: I am currently unemployed and fiending for some Zaros gameplay, so I believe i would do somewhere between 6hours+ of beta testing daily, potentially reaching somewhere up to 10 hours, until the server is release. 


Edit: Even though my beta testing isn't impressive, I have played like 20 of Cosine's DMMT, and many of Hope's as well on Kratos and the few that were on Atlas, I have found and shared many bugs on those servers while I played, although not as much Hope as Cosine, given how much more of Cosine's tournaments I have played.

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