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A formal introduction from BDO


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Hello everyone!

I'm BDO, but you can feel free to call me Louis as well. I'm currently in my mid-twenties, living in the Philippines (shout out sa mga kababayan ko dyan!) but I was raised and lived in Florida, USA for the greater part of my life. I'm a Team Manager for Loyalty and Retention for a Canadian telco (please don't ask which one, I have an NDA), so I spend most of my time awake during EST hours, but also during off-peak hours as well on my days off. Most of the time I'm doing something AFK unless I'm on my lunch break, where I can give more attention to my screen.

For my RuneScape background, I've been playing RS since 2008, and OSRS since its release. Around 2011 is when I first started playing RSPS since I wasn't able to maintain membership, jumping between a few different servers up until now. I've always enjoyed servers that allowed me to gain access to almost the same things that OSRS does, without needing a monthly fee to play. Zaros thankfully is the closest 1:1 (1:1.5 if you ask me) OSRS server that I've ever played, without having endgame gear hidden behind donator-only areas. I've been following Zaros since news broke out in July of 2020 and played on-and-off since day one on some of my other accounts. Recently, after being moved to a work-from-home setup, I'm finally able to play a lot more often than before. After getting a feel for what most of the game modes have to offer, I've finally decided to become a realist. I'm mainly in the support clan chat, but I hope to see everyone around!

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48 minutes ago, Melchior said:

Welcome to the forums mate ❤️ 

~ Are you maxed yet? 😅

Thanks Melch! But no - I'm still working on it. Planning to go slow and steady to not get burnt out. 😇

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