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f2p ::tournament event ideas

meso dizzy

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 Idea #1: f2p 1v1 fights 

- Gear setup would look something like this, but the coif slot could be swapped for various cosmetic options like old holiday event hats or different colored h'ween masks to give players an option for adding their own personal flare. 

- Inventory would include a rune scimitar, Rune 2h sword, strength potion, and the rest of the inventory as pineapple pizzas.




Idea #2: f2p FREE FOR ALL WAR

- Same itemization as mentioned above but all players would be teleported into a multi-combat arena and a giant free-for-all event would ensue after the 10 second countdown. 


Idea #3: f2p Team Fight 

- If it's possible to pull the code from castle wars (or if that's even necessary I'm not sure) and randomly assign players to Team Zamorak or Team Saradomin and give them the capes/hoods like in castle wars. The event would take place in a multi-arena similar to idea #2 but players will only be able to attack the opposite Team.  

- Cons to this idea is that it would require more coding to figure out how to prevent friendly-fire inside the war. Also, with an entire team of winners the event would require a different sort of prize. An easy solution I can think of for the prize issue would be to grant players on the winning team points at LMS. 




Thanks for taking the time to read my suggestions, feel free to leave any other ideas or comments on the thread. 

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