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startup problem


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I was killing the jad of fire cape and I had noticed that the range attack had fired on me and when I finished killing the jad I was in the zone and I did not get out to start another round and now I try to start a session and it does not let me start for that starts the start and takes me out

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Hi @diegoaleman,


This sounds like a bug if it doesn't let you in to the jad cave.
If there's a bug ingame you can type ::bugreport and report this in the future on the forums in the section of bugreports. '' Bug reports - Zaros RSPS '' only thing i can say to you is try to close your client, log in again and enter the cave again if this still happening i suggest you to report it on this link above / ::bugreport ingame so they can look into it and see if there is any problem with it.


- Iron Jean

spacer.png   Zaros server Moderator  spacer.png

   If you need any help in game pm me on Iron Jean or join our '' Support clan chat ''  



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