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Frenzy's Welcome


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Alright people 

Thought as I've been part of the community for a while now, I thought I had better drop an introduction by now.

Just your average 24 year old from England, United Kingdom. Joined this server back in February and since have made it my home, no better RSPS if you like the legit feel to the game - believe me, i've looked.

Been a part of the runescape community since way back in 05/06 so I'm fairly knowledgeable on the game, have always been interested in MMO games such as RS, OSRS, WOW, LOTRO, RIFT to name a few. Somehow something always calls me back to OSRS/RSPS though, must be those fond childhood memories.

Moving on...

On my THIRD EHC now, due to making rookie errors and generally getting familiar with the server. 

Names are as follows, might recall them.

  • Vanquish - DECEASED.
  • Crusade - DECEASED.
  • Frenzy - Alive and Well.
  • iFrenzy (Realist) - Alive and Well.


Will be posting Goals for Frenzy and iFrenzy shortly, I hope to see you all in game, if I haven't already. 



Standalone CC. 




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