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How to get more fans To this Game with ad words


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So I see So videos many trying to get players to play the game by doing give a ways. Maybe don't do that so much. If Zaros are going to fund a giveaway to a youtuber maybe Zaros could just promote the video with ad words.  more would see the video and so many don't know this but that's how youtube works you could have 0 subs and still get 1mil views if you have the money to do it. and ads on the video could stay on youtube video. but most will not have ads on the channel because of the new youtube rules.  

Any way by doing this more would see the game and might get more on the server.  and get more donations. 

it's all a big money game for youtube, more money you throw at youtube the more you get seen and the bigger you are in fame.

*I will not see this this post after I type this up so no need to waste time to reply* Because I just don't care.

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