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Icons for Musicians

Andre Young

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Hello! My name is Andre Young, and I'm a musician. I know that you have your standard Icons to show those who are youtubers and help promote the community via those platforms. But do you ever see servers who have icons for artists who are bigger, and no one would even know that. I know that in the future music is going to be a career for me, and i'm going to be having success in that. I think that this would be such a cool thing to do for your server to recognize those who are musicians with a following and can help promote your servers through that. Please consider this, I strongly feel like I can help promote the server, and I think it would be really awesome to have like a spotify icon or something! Thank you so much!

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I don't think we have the youtuber icons here, I've never seen a youtuber have one at least. I personally never liked these icons much so I'm not supporting the additions of more.

I am interested in if you have any music to share with us, I'm happy to take a listen 😄


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