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Zaros PVM Bingo


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Hello and welcome to the 1st Zaros PVM Bingo Event.

The event will start on July 30th 2021 at 12:00 AM server time and conclude when we have 3 full card winners.


The official rules for this event are as follows:

  • 1. Any help from OUTSIDE of your team will result in a disqualification instantly, ie. Having another account tank for you or help you kill bosses/npc's faster as this gives teams who can pay people/have a lot of friends that can help them boost kill speed to get more kills per hour. We will use our judgment to determine whether or not someone is trying to grief your team to get you disqualified or if they are helping with your consent.
  • 2. Teams will consist of teams of Four players. If you do not have 4 players, you can either choose to compete with less than 4 or get "free agents(people without teams)" added to your team
  • 3. Below, you will post a reply with your teammates while designating your team captain. The team captain is the only person that is able to post your drops. This is it to keep organization.
  • 4. Each submission will require a full client screenshot, and #ZarosBingo2021+the date as well to count. Include your team name in the photo as well.
    Example Below
  • 5. Any way of attempting to fake a drop or screenshot will result in a disqualification.
  • 6. To receive the first place prize, your team must fill out the entire card. The 1st team to do so will win the 1st place prize, as well as the 2nd and 3rd teams to finish will win the prizes below.
  • 7. Once you make your roster, you cannot change who your team is.
  • 8. The Boss Pet tile may not be ticked off with the following boss pets: Jad, Chaos Elemental or Skotizo
  • 9. You must have the "Chat Timestamps" runelite plugin active spacer.png
  • 10. Regarding the above rule, if you are a mobile player, you do not need chat timestamps on but you must still do Rule #4





Full card completions

1st Place: $250 in scrolls

2nd Place: $150 in scrolls

3rd Place: $125 in scrolls


1st to Achieve Each Row Prize

$10 scroll to each team member



Other Notes, tips and disclaimers 

- You must complete the ENTIRE card to win

- The Card will be posted right before the event starts

- If the screenshot does not include the Bingo code(will announce what it is when the event starts) your drop will not count towards your card completion.

- After you sign up your team, we will add you to a discord where you will be given a role with your team name where you can discuss with teammates/post drops, pm myself, any moderator or server support for a discord invite once you've posted your team below


Zaros Administration 

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