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Lost 2FA


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A while ago I made a ticket/thread about not being able to Log in on 'Emiya' my main account.

I received an email on my main account to 'answer' in order to still get my problem fixed. 

I obviously couldn't react to that mail because I couldn't log in. 

Weirdly enough, for some time I was still able to log in, in game. But not on forums (today).

Once again my request to fully get rid of 2FA on 'Emiya'.

( I sold my old phone without transferring the 2FA Authenticator for my account. ) 


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38 minutes ago, Mansory said:

Wrong section but posted exactly the same in the asigned ticket area after.

Gotcha, if you made the ticket just now then you should be set, just gotta wait for one of the ticket support staff to hop on forums

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