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Elite ironmen


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Would it be possible to give elite ironmen/hardcores free instansing without having to use the foolish instance tokens ? I feel as if playing elite is not that worth it for the sake of a 3%/5% droprate boost as it isn't that big of a deal really. Free instancing would be a nice QOL/addition to all the realism players out there.

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I dont see why you would get free instances just because you pick elite hc/hc gamemode. The instance tokens can be bought with votes (which u can transfer to ironmen). Playing a relist mode is something you choose with lower xp rates and a slightly increaed droprate. I do understand that waiting can be tedious but it would be the same for regular players since there's only one room.

I do realize it is easier for regular modes to obtain instance tokens since they're cheaper to buy on tp than via votes, but free instances doesnt make sense to me when instance tokens exist.

I dont really understand the reasoning behind realists should get free ubstanxe tokens at all

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