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How to enable two-factor authentication


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How to enable two-factor authentication on your Zaros account


Hi everyone, I decided to make a guide on how to enable 2FA since I do get this question from time to time from people who are struggling with it.



Step one: Download the 'Google Authenticator' on your mobile device.

Step two: Go to the zaros website and click on 'profile' top right if you are already logged in. If you are not logged in yet, click on 'login' also topright.



Step three: Open the Google Authenticator application and click the '+' sign bottom right. Select 'scan QR-code'.





Step four: Scan the QR-code you see on your profile page (refer to step two).


Congratulations! You have succesfully enabled two-factor authentication on your account. Next time you log in you will have to use the code on your google authenticator app to login. Doing this once, makes your account 'trusted' so you dont have to do it everytime you log in.

Note: For some people the QR-code won't work. If this is the case you can select the 2nd option from step three and manually insert the code just below the QR-code on your profile page.


Hope I was able to help you out setting up your 2FA.
If this guide is missing some things, please let me know and I will add them.


- Living

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