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Farming Cape Teleport/Seed Box


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Change the Farming skillcape teleport to inside the Farming Guild similar to the current Farming Guild teleport. You've "mastered" the skill but you're unable to teleport directly inside the guild with the "mastery" skillcape.

I understand why the Seed Box is in the donor shop, but why not allow another option to secure this item? You're able to secure the Rune Pouch via the donor shop, slayer point shop and LMS currently. Please provide players another option to acquire the Seed Box. Add other means to obtain the Seed Box, a few possible options listed below. 

  • Slayer point shop
  • Hespori drop (not a fan of this idea but almost anything is welcome at this point)
  • Completing a certain number of farming contracts (complete 50 level Farming contracts 85 contracts for example)

Thank you,


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