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Dead server.. Devs please read


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It is so disappointing to see a server that thrived at the release so good now, dead... I am only posting this in hopes a dev reads it. If we look at all other private servers the only ones that stay populated at all times are pvp servers. although, we all love to grind other skills and do some pvm when we get bored of pvp. I think this server could be GREAT and could definitely gain its following it once had back again.. It just needs pvp focused a little bit. Not many people only want to skill and pvm as you can tell from the current pop of the server through out the day and night.. We cant even teleport to targets anymore in the wilderness, where PVP dominates. In my opinion if you guys want to get your gen pop up again you guys need to focus pvp somewhat and stop giving giving pvmers everything they want.. This is why osrs is dying, they never do any pvp updates they ruin dmm etc. I am begging please update your server and focus more on pvp, I am not saying turn this server into a pvp server just give it a little focus rather than none at all.. please.. 

- sincerely Kona a hopeful player of your server that wants nothing but the best for it.

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