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Make it possible to turn in pyro pieces for burnt pages, not only boxes. 

These boxes you receive from turning in don't give the tome or any other burnt pages, was this intentional? they only seem to give supplies/other pyro pieces. I can include pictures of opening 25 of these boxes, if necessary.


This may sound controversial but it really isnt... Make it so ironmen can donate for burnt pages... This wouldn't harm the game in any way and just make it a less timeconsuming grind.

Getting a tome can be enough of a hassle, currently 130m firemake xp deep with no tome and only 450 burnt pages, which are 9k charges. This is not alot at all for the time spent to get them.

This has only come to my attention since obtaining a harmonised staff recently, that's why not many people have spoken of this before but it is needed.


Thanks 4read

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