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Purchasable scrolls to trigger silver jewelry effects more often


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Most silver jewelry effects have a non-100% chance to trigger.

Add scroll to Vote shop / Online store / Slayer shop (whichever is best for balance) that doubles the chance for the effect to trigger.
Alternatively, a cheaper scroll for doubling each individual enchantment chance.

Ideally, the jewelry effected will be:

  • Amulet of Bounty - 25% chance to use 1 seed becomes 50%
  • Expeditious Bracelet - 25% chance for slayer kill to count for 2 becomes 50%
  • Dodgy Necklace - 25% chance to prevent dmg and stun becomes 50%
  • Amulet of Chemistry - 5% chance for 4-dose pot creation becomes 10%
  • Bracelet of Slaughter - 25% chance for slayer task kill to not count becomes 50%

Thank you.

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