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I currently offer up to 10 runs per order.


Im charging 9m per run - 10m a run for Hardcores


I do provide this service for Hardcores : Note i am not responsible for Hardcore game modes losing their hc status in the Gauntlet.

I did do 115cg kc on my first Hardcore account and i never died to cg.


If you have a bank pin you can just bank your items. If i would die during a run i will just redo it until you get all your runs youve ordered.

And ofcourse all the loot from the runs are all yours.


What I Require/Recommend

  1. 90+ Combat Stats.
  2. 70+ Prayer

Contacting me

plåten#0396 on discord

osten || plankan in game


Terms and Conditions

  1. Payment is done previous to the service.
  2. All account types are accepted.
  3. Account details are sent through private message on Discord.
  4. I am not responsible for Hardcore game modes losing their status in the Gauntlet.
  5. Even though giving your account away for a service is at your own risk, you can always contact a staff member and tell them I'm using the account.
  6. Due to lack of time to play, services are mostly done on Friday nights or weekends during the day, before events. Some services can be done during the week, but with no guarantee of completion before the weekend.
  7. Only a maximum of 10 runs can be booked at a time. You can book additional runs after, but you'll be placed at the end of the line.
  8. The order I do my runs is in order of payment. First come first serve.
  9. After the service is completed, I'd like to ask to leave a vouch in the comments on this thread for future interest.


My Gauntlet runs are the fastest and more consistent runs available.


Ordering is currently closed, because i have a long waiting list atm

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