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Hey all. Since forums are pretty bland at this point, I figured I would try something new and see where it can go.

I'm a small YouTuber who took a break back in 2015 from uploading videos to my channel. I've recently (within the last 2 months) have started slowly picking back up and trying new things. As of right now, I am completing a walkthrough series of The Last of Us 2 without commentary (since I'm still kind of a chicken when it comes to posting things with my voice). If you guys are interested, it'd be awesome if you could go subscribe and maybe send a like on just one of my videos. So far I've published 8 videos of TLOU2 with more in the vault scheduled to release later on. 

I also have a second channel that I would like to start using for RSPS" videos such as grinds to max, tutorials, etc.

My channel is; http://www.youtube.com/ConQuestYT

My 2nd channel is; http://www.youtube.com/Terrrrm


Drop your channel(s) below and give a little description about what you do and I'll subscribe!

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Subbed to both, 'Brizz', good luck mate. I have done a few pking videos but nothing too heavy just yet. 

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