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Corrupted Gauntlet Guide


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My Goals of Prepping

  •      Find 4 of every material (wood,cotton,ore)(2-3 herbs)(2x weapon frame)
  •      Find my choice of at least 2 Demi  bosses(range and mage are the easiest to fight the Main Boss With).
  •      Gather 330 crystals shards
  •      Don't waste your time in the beginning with the lower bats for shards look for the Scorpion/Unicorns, demi bosses and your materials(*Important* if you want to save time on prep)
  •     When you are attacking in the beginning its faster to attack without the spectre in your hand. So what I normally do is I attack once with it equip then remove it from my melee hand slot.
  • Going for the range/mage demi bosses can make the main boss easier for most people. I normally go for whatever but have notice when im running the boss fast and correctly you get more dps out of the bow/staff and less running around.
  • Don't Focus so much on fishing right away, focus on finding all your materials and demi boss locations


  •      Having A Higher Defense and Magic Level Makes The Fight much easier.


Boss Fight

  •     Tornados are the most likely thing to get you killed after you learn the mechanics of the boss.
  •     The fight starts, the boss will attack you with Range.
  •     Purple mage attack style from the boss turns your Prayer Off.
  •     When the boss shakes its ass it will change its attack style(every 4 hits)   makes you change your attack style(every 6 hits) 
  •     3 phases of the fight by health          1000 - 750 HP = 1 tornado, 750 - 300HP = 2 tornadoes300HP and below = 3 tornadoes      ( I HAVE SEEN this not be Accurate )
  •     The last phase is the hardest, due to the spawn rate of the tornadoes and the patterns on the floor are faster
  •    One last thing, make sure if you can to lure the boss the 1 of the 4 corners of the room b4 going in by waiting to make the last phase much easier. (if you really understand the mechanics it doesnt matter) 





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