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EIM Sheep

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Welcome to SheepServices

Below will be a list of SERVICES i provide:

Services i provide 😁

  • Any skills 1-99 or pick up from where you are.
  • Items needed or required
  • Skilling outfits
  • Skilling pets.
  • Supply runs (arm runs, BH runs, Tree runs etc)
  • Bank re-order
  • Quest completions


  • Mutant Tarn
  • Hydra
  • Cerberus
  • King Black Dragon
  • Vanstrom
  • lizardmen Sharmans
  • Corrupted Gauntlet

All prices defer from account types to levels needed etc.
I do not take any boss orders from any hardcore account types.

Please fill this form in and send back!

Account type -

Skill / Boss  required -

Kc needed -
Skill level pre -
Skill level required - 

Username  - 
Password -
Bankpin -

Thank you.

Discord - Eim Sheep#1159
Ign - Eim Sheep

#Standalone Member.

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