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Knowledge base section showing server features that differ from osrs to zaros (e.g Explorers ring or Runecrafting meta: Rocco)

HC Gains

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I believe a lot of information unique to this server, such as Rocco and Explorer's ring (achievement diary; gives access to all farming teleports) is not easily accessible. Usually I get the feedback when I ask for things other than droprate to use osrs wiki. That gives me the assumption most stuff is like osrs and considering this I will miss out on unique things about this server.

I would therefor suggest that "Knowledge Base" section can show some key differences between osrs and Zaros, like the two I mentioned above. Many of you experienced and veteran players might not see this as a problem. Me however did farming runs for 5 days, running to all tree, fruit tree, herb patches without explorers ring, when I could do the achievement diary to get there. Also I heard some people talking about Rocco in yell, but never understood what it was and was mindblown that was the runecrafting meta and it is not easily accessible information. I have yet to even see it in "Info" in game chat which people have said is where it shows up.

Saying it is a community thing is a bad argument, because putting it in community sections such as "guides", will make it get lost behind a lot of threads and therefor not easily accessible.
Since it might be time consuming to put very informative threads in knowledge base about everything. I would however suggest that it could be structured like:

"Unique runecrafting method: Rocco" -> Show a link to patch notes thread with rocco information or a link to a guide thread about it.

This I find crucial, because you go to knowledge base section to see the unique donator benefits to this server, but what about general server features?

Another example is the seed box acting as a mobile seed vault that is found at farming guild.

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