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Weekend of Events~ 26/5-28/5


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Hello everyone, 

Welcome to the Weekend of Events! Each weekend the team will be hosting up to 15 events with juicy prizes/Boosts - the staff run events will start at approximately 19:00 server time. The prizes for specific events will be announced once the event has started, the prizes can range from mystery boxes to cosmetics to donation tokens!



Rocco's Ruins Event - Rocco's Ruins will be spawned 4x in a row. Have your alts ready to repair!  (19:00 server time)

Nex Boost - Nex will have boosted  drop rates for a limited time duration.  ( 15 % )

Pet Boost - Pet rates will be boosted for a limited time duration.  ( 15 % )

Bonus Molch Pearls Users will receive increased Molch Pearls while doing aerial fishing for a limited time duration.  (  X 3 )

Pest Control Boost - Pest Control points will be boosted for a limited amount of time.  ( + 5 )


Chamber of Xeric's Mass and Boost  Chamber of Xeric's drop rates will be boosted for a limited time duration.  ( Mass - 19:00 server time) ( 30 % )

Bonus Golden Nuggets - Golden Nuggets obtained from the Motherlode Mine will be boosted for a limited time duration.  ( X 3 )

Bonus Barrows - Bonus chance to obtain Barrows Uniques will be boosted for a limited time duration.  ( 20 % )

 Bonus Gold Drops - Gold obtained will be boosted for a limited time duration.  ( X 2 )


Zalcano Boost & Mass - Zalcano mass and drop rates will be boosted for a limited time duration.  (Mass - 19:00 server time) ( 25 % )

Gauntlet Boost - Gauntlet drop rates will be boosted for a limited time duration.  ( 20 % )

Nightmare Boost - Nightmare drop rates will be boosted for a limited time duration.  ( 20 % )

Bonus Birdhouses - The time it takes for birdhouses to finish will be lowered for a limited time duration.  ( - 66 % )


Bonus XP Weekend!! - Players will receive bonus XP Rates all weekend!!!  ( X 1.6 )

Twisted bow - The first person to receive Twisted bow this weekend will win. Pm "Meso dizzy @Nik#0526 or "ZelX @ZelX#1102"on discord or reply to this thread with a full client screenshot with the words "Weekend Event" in your chatbox to win.

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Changed mass times to 19:00 and Updated Nex Boost for Friday from 5% to 15%. 

Mass time mistake was a time-zone mistake I made when attempting to convert the servers time-zone to my time-zone. Meso cleared it up with me as well as let me know what boosts I can make higher then I was. Still only my fist real week doing this myself with status so will learn from this and try not to repeat same mistakes!


This is a great example of why I find it so important to have events post out at least a day early so if need be emergency changes can be made before events go live as is the case here. Thanks everyone for staying patient as we get everything running smoothly again!

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