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For fun PVPing + new cc (cc service)


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Hello. I will take you a little back in time of PvP and to regular os content. I want to make a for fun PvP cc for players who want to get into PvP for fun. And please read these rules before you join the cc: You got to join my cc Scoop (my name). Cc is Coop. You can talk by anything in the chat. But some of the idea is that in the cc we will host fights that I will get into now: the fights will be at Edgeville PvP bank you have to Tele there by book under PvP zones. And in the cc you will find who is up for the different fights in special gear i will mention now. The idea is that both players is fighting in the same set: First of all the casual set is full rune, shield, rune scimitar and rune 2h and you can use up to monkfish/swordfish in food. We just want for potions to use a super strength/zamorak brew and super attack, not super defence because we don't want too much defence when we want to swap to rune 2h. But you can mix different potions in the fight for fun. And you can't eat your hp too much up under the fight because you want to save the food and because it's unnecessary to have the hp too much up. And if you want special rules in your fight pm your opponent and discuss it in pm. This is the first content and I hope to main content will be these fights in rune. I want to make clear that of course that set ain't much of a risk that is why you will discuss the rules with your opponent or put an amount of coins that you want to risk in your inventory under the fight. I am trying also for beginners to make this fun and everyone can participate. You can do whatever you want in the game while in the cc and talk about it as well and ask. Secondly I want to make a range setup for PvP and that is snake skin armour, bone crossbow, magic crossbow and a dragon dagger in inventory for spec. Food is swordfish/monkfish remember to discuss with opponent. And then super ranged potion and a super attack and strength. Ofcourse in every fight you can take prayer potions with you because either you fight with prayer or without. The next set that you can fight in is full rune, shield and dragon scimitar and dragon dagger as special attack. Food up to monkfish/shark and super strength and attack, defence is not too important. Shield or without. Define yourself. And remember if you want money in inventory you discuss it with your opponent. The next set we have is full rune, dragon scimitar and then for kill you swap to a dragon 2h just like the rune scim rune 2h fights. And food is up to monkfish and you use super strength or attack or discuss potions/food with your opponent. Next one is full rune a dragon scimitar and dragon halberd as 2nd slasher and swordfish-sharks as food and the regular potions as mentioned. You may use super combat but will maybe have harder hitting but feel free to experiment with the potions. And ofcourse chivalry and piety is an option for all of the melee sets, discuss this with your partner. And for misc and other useful stuff eventually equip a legends cape as standard, Ava's accumulator and a necklace of your choice that fits, climbing boots as well. Consider this event as having fun, PvP, gambling, being in a cc and working on your personal skills. If you don't behave in the cc you will have to leave or you can risk getting kicked by the staff. Another gear set of my choice for the personal cc individual setups is full rune, a rune scimitar and a dragon battleaxe as KO weapon, consider a shield. And as well super strength, attack and food is swordfish-monkfish.

These sets will be the main sets we host in the cc. This can change in the future. For other gear fights discuss it with your partner in pm. Respect the rules of the cc or leave it alone. Feel free to join anytime. Don't be rude to other. You can get promoted in the cc by circumstances. That was it for now! 


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