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Giant's Foundry - Guide to $$$


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Giants Foundry Minigame


Minigame that gives Smithing XP, Giant's Foundry Points for outfit/items, and CASHHHHH MONEY


How to Setup Inventory:   


1. Be on Lunar SpellBook

2. Inventory: Fire runes, Water runes, Astral Runes, Buckets (I bring 5)

     a. Ice Gloves negate the need for any of the mentioned above


How to get there: Teleporter > Minigames > Giant's Foundry or Skilling > Giant's Foundry


Materials Needed:  The Giant's Foundry uses a total of 28 bars "Worth" of things. So based on your smithing level I can recommend 10 bar's worth of a higher metal then 18 bars worth of the lower metal. "Worth" is explained below for weapons/armour instead of bars

     For Example: 

              1. 10 bronze bars/8 iron bars so on so forth.

                     a. You can also bring weapons/armours. The formula is bars it took to make - 1

                          i. So a Bronze 2H is worth only 2 bars at the Giants Foundry as it takes 3 to make from scratch.

              2. HERE'S THE SECRET RECIPE. Warriors Guild Teleport > Run upstairs to second floor and trade Anton just East of the Stairs. His Shop stock is below

When I stock up on materials I buy 2h's or Battleaxe's as each is worth 2 bars so 5 2h's of your higher tier metal (10 bars worth) and 9 of your lower tier metal (18 bars worth if using 2h's and Baxe's).

                ie. 9 Bronze 2H & 5 Iron 2H. etc.


To Begin at GF Talk to Kovac and receive a Commission. He will give you a type of sword to make. 


Once in the Setup Window select the higher (green bar) types for the blade he requested. 


Once completed, put your metal's in the Crucible by using them on it. and Pour. Once you Pour go down and Pick up your blade.

The Room layout can be tough so utilize this picture to mark some tiles until you get the hang of it.

This is the mini-game bar.

1. Top row is the quality: do the wrong thing and it goes down = less xp/less points/less $$$$

2. Middle row is the temperature. Utilize the Lava pool and the Waterfall to keep it in the color range you need. (slow option and fast option on temperature change) Temperature falls naturally if you stand around so watch out for that. 

3. Bottom row is the Needed machine to use the blade on. If bottom row is RED then use the lava/waterfall to put the temperature in the RED zone per the middle bar. Hit the machine outside the range of cooling/machine type and the quality goes down.

*** if the bar is surrounded by Yellow click that machine again for a boost on your current progress ***


Once you get the bottom bar all the way to the right you can hand-in the blade. Rewards can be hefty if you stick with it. 

Here's my rewards for just one bronze/iron blade on GIM mode.

Now of Course that's base xp so it gave me 160k total xp for that one blade which took approximately 3-4 minutes.


Goodluck and PM me in game if you ever need anything SNORLAX out! Feedback appreciated for future guides.





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HOTFIX for images - hopefully
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Great read, although photos aren't working on my mobile for some reason. Nonetheless straight forward. I would also include the best xp p/h methods for those wanting to maximize xp.

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Seems like the photos aren't working, might want to double-check that. Otherwise, great guide - I'd suggest adding in how to do the 'Complete a sword with a quality of 190 or higher' achievement as well since it's related.

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