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Barrows - Token Event


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Barrows - Token Event



The Barrows Token Event is a great new way of obtaining those coveted barrows items and reduces those unwanted dupes!

When the Barrows Token Event is active, as opposed to receiving a random barrows item you'll instead receive a barrows token. 


Barrows tokens can be traded with the Strange Old Man that roams the hills of Barrows for barrows items of your choice, as long as you have the required tokens available.


When traded you'll be presented with all barrows items, including the amulet of damned. Prices of barrows items vary between 1-2 tokens each per piece. 


Amulet of the damned - 1 token each

Ahrim's - 2 tokens per piece 

Dharok's - 2 tokens per piece

Guthan's - 1 token per piece

Karil's - 2 tokens per piece

Torags - 1 token per piece

Verac's - 1 token per piece



Q. Can you obtain more than 1 barrows token at a time? 

Q. Can you use Barrows re-rolls during this event?

Q. When will the barrows tokens event take place?
A. The Barrows token event has been a Trial so far, however this may be added to server events in the future 

Q. Barrows items obtained during the event, do these count towards collection log?
A. YES - barrows items purchased with barrows tokens will count towards your Barrows collection log

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On 7/22/2023 at 4:23 PM, JC said:

Can you obtain more than 1 barrows token at a time? 



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