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Alter Barrows token exchange prices


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Ahrim's hood - from 2 to 1 (fairly useless item, usually better alternative helms)

Ahrim's staff - from 2 to 1 (useless item)

Guthan's platebody - from 1 to 2 (good tank armour, same stats as torag/dharok plate)

Karil's coif - from 2 to 1 (same as ahrim's hood)

Karil's crossbow - from 2 to 1 (fairly useless item unless welfare)

Torag's platebody - from 1 to 2 (good tank armour)

Torag's platelegs - from 1 to 2 (good tank armour)

Verac's helm - from 1 to 2 (good tank helm with prayer bonus)

Verac's plateskirt - from 1 to 2 (good tank armour with prayer bonus)

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I like the idea of the whole set requiring the same throughout. Since this is an additional system on top of being able to get barrows drops normally at the same time I don't think this is needed. Just my 2 cents. More then happy to see what the rest of the community has to say on this though!

I would like to also mention that the barrows token system is an experimental event and isnt being permanently implemented yet and I haven't gotten any eta on when we can expect it to be in normal rotation. This is the second and longest round of testing this event has gotten so far. That being said things are bound to be altered as testing concludes. Now if that's the price or the drop rate of the tokens themselves I can't say as I don't know.

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i suppose it depends on how you look at the rewards, i was more focused on individual items and the usefulness of them as opposed to sets as a whole since the highest utility of a set would be dharok and thats pretty niche use itself.

sets being made the same price throughout makes logical sense but still runs into unbalanced issues when weighing up individual items, assuming each helm cost the same one would be considered alot more viable than the other (e.g. karil's coif vs. verac's helm)

might also be an idea to be able to sell items for tokens, say 3-5 items for 1 token so if someone wanted to just fill the col log has the chance to get rid of unneeded dupes, although that kind of goes against the idea of the event in the first place so is probably not ideal

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