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Time played (Full client screenshot



Any past staff experience(s)?:

I was part of a server when I was around 16 years old due to the time that has passed I cant recall the name of the server and it shut down around a year after its creation. however i am a fast learner and i feel like i would pick the support staff role up fast and uphold my duty as a staff team member

What makes you a good fit for the Server Support role?: i have played runescape/osrs since 2007 and i have incredibly knowledge of the game. i really enjoy helping people and feel this is a perfect role for me. i am an incredibly active player and you will find me playing zaros between 6-12 hours per day so feel i will make a fantastic active addition to the team. i have discord so can help support inside the server and outside it on discord too. i feel my timezone is a great benefit as it differs to other support staff members so will be there to support when the others are not too. 

Do you feel confident about your game knowledge?: Having played runescape/osrs since 2007 i feel i have a fantastic knowledge of the game and with my current in-game time i feel i have heaps of experience on the server too.


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Hello @Femmeyou have to use the correct format

You can find it in here: 


You can edit your app, no need to make a new one


You are doing an amazing job in the support chat and that's an amazing thing , also you are very active and very kind with the community, i will Support you 

Good luck mate 

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16 hours ago, Femme said:

hi im looking to applie for support role i dont have any offence i have more then 2 days in game time and also im on everyday i try to help people and also help towards events here and there cause i care alot about the game and peeps thats play the game im friendly and kind and treat everyone with respect and i dont let any fourm of power get to my head cause i dont belive in abusing power i also have discord and easy to get a hold of everyday 

Please edit this in the format linked in @Prawn's post

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@Femme Glad to see you've now updated this with the correct formatting ?

From what I have seen you've been incredibly active in the Support Chat and I have seen, on several occasions you helping new and existing members. You have also been incredibly generous, contributing to Hide & Seeks, Hot & Colds and Higher/Lower in the form of contributions of $ Scrolls as prizes meaning we've been able to run events for the players for even longer (6 hours I spent hosting little games for everyone to win GP & Scrolls because of you and a few others!).

Keep up being super helpful in the support chat  and active on the server, you'd make a great addition to the team. ?

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Femme, I think you'd make a tremendous part of the support team. Your always helping with the knowledge you already possess. Your very kind person and I appreciate seeing more people like you joining the server. Best of luck to you!

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