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Inferno Start Options for Wave 50-66 practice


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I wanted to reach out and ask if it's possible to make a new option for starting in the Inferno.

An option to start at wave 50 would allow people to practice ranger/mager spawns for full runs, without having to take over an hour to get there for only minutes or seconds of practice.


I have pretty much mastered waves 1-50 and its just a waste of time at this point, but the idea of practicing prayer flicks/pillar stacks at waves 50-66  sounds like a lot of fun and a very helpful option to people trying to get a full run completed.


The content would not need a reward to go along with it, it could simply be for practice as a 3rd option of entering the Inferno.

I love this server because of how similar it is to the main game and would love the practice here and I'd spend more time on the server if this came out.


Please comment or bring traction to this post if you think its a good idea!




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