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Mahogany Homes - Construction Method


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What is it? Is it good? What's the Point?

Mahogany Homes is a mini-game where you are fulfilling contracts to fix the SAME 7 DAMN PEOPLE'S house for this smokeshow side piece living out in Falador named Amy who's pocketing all this change in exchange for points towards her shop. Like why can't they just not be a slob and come home drunk to beat up their furniture?

Inventory Setup - Lunar Spellbook with Air/Cosmic/Astral for NPC Contact to reach Sexy Amy from any location you could be at. If no Rune Pouch just lose 2 planks for all of the runes. 


This is that Heavenly goddess we are looking for which is just southeast of the Falador City Tele.


What are the rewards you ask?


-ABSOLUTE FIRST PURCHASE NEEDS TO BE Amy's Saw being the most efficient reward  as it teleports you directly to your task and is wieldable. 

-The Plank Sack is an inventory sack that holds 28 additional planks and used from the sack. Will increase your efficiency but with presets some might not find this useful. Can extend 2-3 trips without banking vs 1 trip with no s

-The Carpenter's Outfit is a experience boosting set and also is a Hard achievement to 


The Brass Tax


*** XP below can vary depending on what items in each home need to be repaired **

Beginner Contracts use Steel Bars/normal planks for a total of 4 points per task.

   Realist Task = 7500 xp (~330k/hr)

   GIM Task = 36k xp (~1.2mil/hr)

Novice Contracts use Steel Bars/Oak planks for a total of 6 points per task.

    Realist 1 task = 10k xp (~475k/hr)

    GIM Task = 67k (~2.4mil/hr)

Adept Contracts use Steel Bars/Teak planks for a total of 8 points per task.

   Realist Task = 18k xp (~775k/hr)

   GIM Task =  92k xp (~5mil/hr)

Expert Contracts use Steel Bars/Mahogany planks for a total of 10 points per task.

   Realist Task = 40k xp (~1.6mil/hr)

   GIM Task = 120k xp (6-7mil/hr)


Possible Locations and Teleports you should have

Cities Teleport > Falador, Varrock, Ardougne, and Hosidius. Add all to favorites is what I do.

You will also have something like this in your chatbox or can use NPC Contact if you lost it in the chatbox to remind you of your task. I also marked the tile outside the house and labeled it with the name of that person so I don't have to remember. 

It's relatively simple, click on anything in the house that is "repair" or red box'd around it saying remove. Once you're done you will have a chat message like this:

Go speak with them in their house to receive your points/rewards. NPC Contact Amy and continue on your way. (you can right click the NPC Contact Spell for Amy)

Achievements related to this are retrieving 100 points and wearing the full carpenters set for a total of 2000 points to be complete with mahogany homes. It's also more Experience per plank used vs using planks in your POH. 


Thanks for taking the time to Read This.


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